FIABCI Malaysia Charity Golf Tournament 2016


Date : 27 July 2016 (Wednesday)
Time : 7.45a.m. (Breakfast starts at 6.30a.m)
Venue : Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This tournament is in support of our charity drive for the SEMOA (Strategic Education Method & On-going Advancement) Orang Asli children centre, a place where the Orang Asli children from all around the Malaysia are gathered, taken care of, and sent to school. The centre started off in 2000 with 30 children and has now increased to 80 children, making its monthly expenses RM35,000 per month which includes their daily meals expenses, stationeries, school necessities (uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks etc), daily rations, and other essentials such as bed, mattress, blanket, pillow and others.

The Orang Asli is the most marginalized race in Malaysia. The authority has not help them to integrate into the modern society of today. They are left to eke out a living from the jungle. They live in abject poverty.

A group of caring citizens got together 15 years ago and brought the children out from the jungle to give them an education
SEMOA –Strategic Education for Malaysian Orang Asli was formed to help the children get an education. Initially children around Raub were brought out and housed in a dormitory near to Raub. They were sent to nearby schools for their education.

SEMOA sort of adopted them, house them, feed them, send them to nearby schools, give them pocket money, clothe them, see to their health and ensure that they are disciplined just like any children. It is hope that this generation of children get integrated in to the modern society.
SEMOA, 15 years ago started with 20 odd children housed in a rented house in Tras, Raub Pahang. Today they have their own premise with dormitories for boys and girls with proper sanitary facility, a proper kitchen, an assembly hall, with a clinic, library and computer room. They have come a long way from a rented house.

Last year they had 50 children but this year there is a big jump in the number of children seeking out this centre. The number increased up to 80 because of the incident of 7 children running away from their residential school in Gua Musang resulting with the death of 5 of them. This incident was reported in the main national newspapers while the search was on for the 7 children.

Golf Tournament with charity in heart

The centre hopes to expand their facilities to be able to take in 200 Orang Asli children from all parts of the country. There are children from Sarawak who heard of the care provided for the children and had enrolled into the centre.

SEMOA requires a minimum of RM 350 per month to upkeep 1 child and with 80 children the cost is RM 28,000 to 30,000 per month. This money goes to: 1) Maintenance of the centre 2) Maintain a staff of 6 to look after all the children 3) School uniform and all that required by a child to go to school including pocket money 4) Fund for growing children 5) Transport for children to go to school 6) And all the requirements to keep the centre going.
It is a joy to know of the progress of the children. 6 of them are made prefects of their respective schools. They excel in school sport winning prizes. Several of them are now in University pursuing a degree to a better life. FIABCI Malaysia is doing their best in helping to contribute to their wellbeing. We are organizing a Charity Golf Game to raise funds to help them out.

These children need your financial help to a better life in a modern society. Education is the only way out of this Poverty Cycle.
Please help to make this charity Golf Tournament 2016 a success by sponsoring the event or participating in the Charity Golf Tournament.
Should you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Winnie Ho or Mr. Low for further enquiries.

Please Help.
Your sincerely,
Ir. Yeow Thit Sang
Organising Chairman of FIABCI Malaysia Charity Golf Tournament Immediate Past President

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