Titleist is perhaps one of the oldest golf brands in the world today. It was founded by Philip E. Young as far back as 1932. Producing some of the best golfing equipment and apparel, the company’s headquarters is in Fairhaven, Massachusetts in the United States.

Titleist has a strong reputation in the golfing community. Often called the #1 Ball in Golf, the brand is currently a subsidiary of a worldwide sports brand, Fila from South Korea. As a brand name, Titleist is quite unique where it comes from ‘titlist’ meaning the title holder.

Win your first title with the Titleist


It all started then when Young established a rubber-processing company known as Acushnet. The technology behind Titleist golf balls is its excellent core. This came about when Young played a game of golf and missed a sure putt. Having x-rayed the ball, he found that the ball was badly off its center-core and inspired him to make his own balls. This would then drive his determination to diversify his rubber business into golf. In 1935, the Titleist golf ball was produced and would continue to become its most successful product ever since.


As a golf ball manufacturer, Titleist has been widely successful. It was the most used ball in the US Open back in 1949 and continues to be so. American Brands then bought over the company in 1976 and by 2002, the brand recorded its first US$1 billion sales revenue. After that, Fila bought over the company in 2011.

To date, Titleist enjoys very high brand image in the golfing industry. It is worn by some of the top golfers in the global circuit while Titleist golf balls are used as official equipment in some of these championships.

Being a focused golf brand, it is highly respected with great regards among golfers. In fact, it has been reported that for many years, Tiger Woods still preferred to use a Titleist putter although he is contracted to Nike.

Titleist Equipment

Titleist is most fondly known for its golf balls. Within its main brand, Titleist produces some of the most remarkable clubs like irons and putters. Golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1, Titleist NXT Tour S and Titleist Velocity are among the most popular. The Titleist Pro V1 was once the most played ball on the PGA while Titleist have been advancing with new technologies each year.

Besides golf balls, Titleist produces some of the best clubs like the AP1 irons and drivers. Its clothing line is very popular and can be seen at every major tournament worn by golfers.

Who uses Titleist?

Titleist currently sponsors several tournaments in the global golfing circuit and championships. Apart from that, the brand sponsors players like Ian Poulter from England, Americans Steve Stricker and Jason Dufner, French Victor Dubuisson, Adam Scott from Australia, Japan’s Daisuke Maruyama and Spain’s Rafael Cabrera-Bello.

Meanwhile, golfers do endorse Titleist golf balls as well and this includes Ryan Nolan and Bubba Watson from the United States, Sergio Flores Lopez from Mexico, Lee Westwood from England the Rickie Fowler, among others.

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons – A club for accuracy and forgiveness

The Titleist 716 AP1 Irons has been one of the few exciting clubs to have come out of the Titleist brand’s stable in recent years. Offering a modern and ergonomic design, it is one of the more preferred options, especially among new learners.

Firm grip and feel

Feel: Playing the Titleist 716 AP1 is quite enjoyable where you get that comfortable hold. It does not require much effort if you have a good swing though.

Look: Definitely a looker as compared to its predecessors. It has a thinner sole now with a very fine finish.

Best AP1 from Titleist

Price: RM3,600 for steel and RM4,400 for graphite

Key Technologies: Titleist is using more tungsten with this one which you will find a lower Center of Gravity as compared to the AP1s before the 716.

Playability: One thing for sure, the Titleist is a lot better than those before it. With its automatic irons, you get high and straight balls pretty easily. In fact, you get moderate bends along the way too and perfect for bunkers and rough terrains.

Forgiveness: You do not get a lot of misses with this one. It is one of the best in terms of forgiveness from Titleist. Many have claimed that it is more forgiving than other AP1s that came before.

Distance Control: These irons give you all the distance you can imagine. It is quite consistent in its own way that makes this club a joy to play with.

Cons: You need to be quite skilled especially when it comes to wedges. Not for the beginner and would be great for the seasoned ones. Besides that, its price could be a turn-off as well.

Summary: This is perhaps one of the better irons from Titleist. It has a nice clubhead which means you get better speed. As one of the best AP1s, this should be the one to watch out for.

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

When it’s a Titleist, you know you are in for quality for sure. After it, Titleist has been making some of the most amazing and tournament-winning golf irons for a long time now.

Titleist’s Top Irons to date

The 718 AP3 Irons comes hot off the heels of its predecessors, the AP1 and AP2 respectively. The former was made to improve the game while the latter was even better than the first. What AP3 brings to the game is that you have the best of both worlds.

What is behind the AP3?

What you get from the AP3 is its Titleist’s own 3-construction system set up. This covers the 3 all the way to the 7 irons which is made to give you more elevation than other clubs in this category. There is an 84gms metal inserted into the shaft which gives you more stability when you hit the ball too.
As an Iron, you are bound to get a higher trajectory with this improved design. What you get from the Titleist 718 AP3 Irons really is an ideal club to fit into any bag. The speed is marvelous with this one with very good forgiveness too all wrapped up in its beautiful design.

What is so good about the Titleist 718 AP3 Irons?

The first thing you will notice about this would be the look and then you will surely fall in love with the sound when you swing it. If it is the distance you are looking for, look no further. The price of about RM4,500 might be a bit high but that should not be a problem if you are looking for perfection. Besides the price, there really isn’t anything wrong with this one but it surely takes a few swings to get used to it.

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