Best Advice for Customer Service in your Golf Club


Operating a golf course does not only cover having a nicely maintained place. While the greens and facilities need to be impeccable, the service too must be as good as it should be.

Never neglect service

Customer service is one of the most influential factors when it comes to golfing. Members might tend to feel more entitled but ultimately, they must be treated with respect and be comfortable at your club. It has been said that once you gain loyalty in a golf club, they will always come back (after trying out other courses). Your team of employees needs to be trained and be aware that they are on the same page, putting customer service first if you want your customers to keep coming back. Below are some ways to do this effectively.

Maintain good human interaction

Golfers who come to your club are there to relax and to take their minds off work. Their first impression of the club (each time) is crucial here. If this is their first time, make sure that everyone greets them accordingly. If they have been here before, it makes a lot of difference if they are remembered by name (or last name). A simple ‘Good Morning, Mr Lee’ would suffice and they will feel appreciated.

Be and look professional

Most golf clubs do this but some fail miserably. Let your employees know that they are in the service industry and hence, their outlook and mannerisms are crucial. Uniforms should be designed to be different from the customers so much so that they can be easily distinguished. Use bright colors and designs that can easily tell that a person is working at the club. Facial hair and makeup should all be properly done with strict guidelines.

Follow-up and Personalize your services

Your customers appreciate being remembered. If they have made a booking for tee-time, call them (or text) 1 or 2 days prior to their booking to confirm and remind them. After playing at your club, thank them by a simple text or call for coming by. This is the best time to offer them a discount or promotion at the F&B on their next visit. This type of strategy always works because it means they are remembered and you value their patronage at your club.

Information and knowledge-ready employees

Your team of employees should be ‘in the know’ when it comes to whatever information related to your club. Whether it is a promotion or a tournament that is coming up, they must have such information as and when they need to. Customers tend to just stop anyone in a uniform and strike a question like ‘when is the next event?’ or ‘are you open on Christmas Eve?’. Your employees should provide instant answers to these. It makes a whole lot of difference if they have information about the holes too!

Solve all problems professionally and amicably

No one is perfect and you will surely encounter problems with customers who might complain or be dissatisfied with certain services in your club. Your staff must be able to handle the first-level complaint at this point. Like it or not, the Customer is Always Right! But, that does not mean you need to accept any unreasonable demands or requirements. Be clear about what you are offering and be firm about solving the problem. Don’t leave any complaints unattended or hanging.

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