Aretha Pan – One of the youngest and most successful golfers or our time


One of the few women Malaysian golfers who have made a lot of progress in the golf circuit regionally is Aretha Pan. Despite being in her young adult years, Aretha has already achieved more than most people around her age group.

Success from an early age

One of her highest achievements was when she won the Malaysian Games or SUKMA and has continued to chart her success. Aretha turned professional in 2013 where she is among the highest-ranked Malaysian golfer for a while. Since turning professional, Aretha competed in her first full tournament when she joined the Ladies Asian Golf Tour and finishing an impressive 17th out of the 100 participants from all around the circuit.

Charting her way to becoming a Pro

Neil Douglas, the Director of Golf at the Golf Academy Borneo and her coach were impressed and felt that since Aretha had already won most amateur events in Malaysia, it was time for her to take her career up another notch by turning professional. Aretha was trained by the Golf Academy Borneo which continues to be her sponsor.

Before turning pro, Aretha has played in some of the most competitive tournaments where she has represented Malaysia for 4 years. In fact, she was ranked no.1 in the country during those years including the time when she won the Malaysian Amateur Open 2011 which was held at the A’Famosa Golf Resort in Malacca. That was the highlight of her career as she was the first Malaysian to win the competition as well as the youngest ever, a feat which has not been repeated ever since.

Recent tournaments played

Aretha has continued to play in tournaments and events in the golf circuit including the:

  • 2018 CTBC Ladies Open
  • 2018 Taiwan Mobile Ladies Open
  • 2018 Tainan Professional Golf Ladies Open
  • Kenda Tire Tlpga Open 2018
  • Ptt Thailand Lpga Masters
  • 2018 Tlpga And Royal Open
  • 2018 Ctbc Ladies Open

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