BMW iX – If the future is what cars will be like, we are all in for a ride of a lifetime!


It came out in 2018 when German carmakers showed off their Vision iNext concept. Fast forward to 2021 and BMW has announced that their iX will start selling in 2022 which will be an exciting time for the market.

One for the SUV segment

They will be calling this the BMX iX XDrive50. This would be the first all-electric SUV from BMW after a series of other successful SUVs previously. But after having been teasing the market for the last few years, making it a reality will truly satisfy any car-crazy enthusiast out there. To put it simply, it is what the best of the X series can offer.

bmw ix interior

What will it be offering?

The iX is supposed to give you the best of all the X models. The X5, known for its functionality is set to be in here while they have put in the design elements that the X7 is associated with coupled with the performance of the X6. Put them all together and you have one of the crème de la crème SUV from BMW.

Early tests have suggested that the iX could get about 300 miles on its battery pack. With a DC fast charger, you should get up to 80% charge within 45 minutes. With a standard residential charger meanwhile, you might need to put it overnight to get full charge. As an EV, it comes with a lot of other features that are eco-friendly including farmed wood and olive leaf extracts to leather tanning.

How will it perform?

This machine runs on 2 motors and when combined gives you 516 horses. The front pushes out 268 horses and another 355 comes from the rear motor running on its all-wheel-drive platform. This means that you could get from 0 to 100 within 4.6 seconds and top speeding at 124mph. It is not often that you come across EVs that perform like a supercar like this. But if that is not enough, you could wait out for the iX M60 which BMW claims will give you more than 600 horses.

The tech that they have put into the iX is enormous but unlike the more advanced cars out there, it is still not a self-driving vehicle. You get an electrochromic sunroof while you get the Driving Assistant Professional system too. Early reports have claimed that the BMW iX should be out by Q1, 2022.

Is this the future?

It is still quite far away before the future of cars is here. While this new iX could well compete with the likes of the Tesla Model X, the Audi e-Tron or the Mercedes EQC, a lot remains to be done in the EV market for better sustainability and environmental friendly. That said, it is surely heading in the right direction for car manufacturers.

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