Getting out of the sand bunker


The sand bunker is constantly one of the biggest challenges that a golfer would have. Contrary to popular beliefs, hitting the ball out of the sand bunker is actually not as hard as it seems. The difficult part really is in hitting the ball out of the bunker into the place that you want because you would not want to hit it towards the pond into another problem or away further from the hole that you intend to complete.

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However, you can actually be successful in this context if you use the correct equipment, the correct technique and a consistent point of entry when hitting the ball. To get the ball out of the sand, you should use a sand wedge (a type of iron specifically for bunker shot). This is most crucial if you are planning to play short shots from the sand. You need to be aware of the degrees of loft and bounce that the sand wedge will provide. In most cases, the loft is about 55 to 60 degrees while the bounce would be about 8 to 12 degrees.

The direction of club head in bunker

You will then need to identify which direction you want the ball to go. Then, ensure that you have the same amount of weight on both your feet. This is where the face of the club being slightly open which will then give the ball the loft you need. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that the back portion of the bottom of the club will bounce off the sand because you do not want it to roll back in.

Using the backswing technique, your hands should have an immediate breaking motion as it starts. This will give the swing a vertical motion which means that you will not take too much sand when the club comes in contact with the ball. The sand will then be used to lift the ball up and away from the area. You have to ensure that there is cupping of your left wrist as you are making contact with the sand. It will then create a backspin effect on the ball when it is lifted onto the air.

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