Golf Equipments

Golf Attire Basics


When it comes to golfing, nothing beats being comfortable and confident. There are hundreds of brands and attire out in the market which you can think about when you are out golfing where you can pick and choose as you like. However, you need to be aware that there are actually certain types of ‘designated’ clothing meant for gold and not just anything will do, no matter how comfortable it can be.

Brands in Golf Attire

Among the current brands that are popular these days are J Lindeberg, Nike Golf and Titleist although all other brands in the market could be equally as good, if not better. Sweaters would be necessary if you are playing in cold climate courses but as Malaysia is a tropical country, you need not have to worry much unless you are in the likes of Cameron Highlands.

The Polo – The collared T-shirt is one which never gets old. This classic design of a logo on the left-chest and its usually pastel-colored texture is one which you must have when out golfing. Furthermore, they make for good fashion as well. The William Hunt S2AW Polo is one of the popular choices in recent years while Callaway and Nike Golf too have their own versions as well.

The Cap –  As a matter of fact, no other sport comes close to the importance of a cap the way golf does. You are spending quite a lot of time under the sun when playing golf while even if the sun is not really shining, wearing a cap seems to be the statement of the game. Simple-designed caps are the order of the day. The Lacoste cap is very much the trend these days while any other brand or logo-crested caps will do.

The Pants – You will be walking quite a lot and the pants would be crucial for your swing as well. When playing, the last thing you want to worry about is if your pants will crack or tear, especially when you are doing that full swing move. So wearing comfortable pants is necessary. When trying them on, kneel down or do a squat to see if it bends with your body.  Peak performance pants are usually designed by most golf brands, so you do have an abundance of choices.

The Shorts – If you are going to play under warm or hot conditions, you might consider wearing shorts. Ralph Lauren has some very nice, checkered shorts which are designed for golf while others like Dunlop and Ashworth too have their own versions. Again, the same practice should be carried out before purchasing.