Game Rules

The Green


The putting green is commonly known simply as ‘the green’. It is referred to as the location where the specific hole is located. All Golf Courses come with a standard layout where they are mostly 18 or 9 hole designs.

Basics about The Green in Golf

This means that an 18-hole golf course would effectively have 18 putting greens. Each of the holes is clearly visible from afar as they are labelled with a flagstick. In a typical 18-hole course, the first nine usually comes with yellow-flagsticks while red-colored flags are used to label the second nines.

After teeing off, the ball will usually land in the fairway before you take a second shot and the objective is to drive the ball closer to the putting green in the shortest shots possible. From the putting green, you will try to putt the ball into the hole to complete this round.

All greens are designed in different shapes and sizes where among the most common layout comes in oval. In some cases, the putting green is actually sloped to offer more challenge for the golfer although they are more commonly flat. You will surely notice that putting greens usually use the turfgrass which do not grow too high as it is designed to provide the smoothest surface possible for the golfer. In fact, the green is known to be the part of the golf course with the smoothest surface.