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What is a birdie, eagle and bogey?


In golf, the term eagle and birdie is commonly used. One might be wondering why the use of flying animals are referred to in this game. The most common perception about this is that it is because the game involved the flight of the ball which offers the most logical explanation while each term is used officially to depict a certain game play for the player and how the hole is being completed.

This is the Eagle you are aiming for

Apart from eagle and birdie, another term that needs to be mentioned here would be bogey. Basically, all the three terms refer to the number of strokes that were used to complete a hole by the specific player. Whether it is a birdie, an eagle or a bogey, they are all directly linked with par which refers to the number of strokes that have been set as the regulation to finish that hole in the course.

Eagle – An eagle is the highest point scored apart from a hole-in-one where the player completes the hole from the first stroke itself. He would have been deemed to have scored an eagle if he hits the hole with 2 strokes lesser than the par set. For instance, if the game is a par-5 standard, the player who completes the hole in 3 strokes or less would have been deemed as having scored an eagle. This is most common during competitive tournaments and is not so common among recreational players. In most cases, an eagle usually occurs during the second shot, most likely in the preceding shot after the first drive.

Birdie – As the name implies, a birdie is easier to achieve if compared to an eagle. If the player completes the hole with one stroke below the par, then he would have been regarded to have scored a birdie. Using the par-5 example, if the player completes the hole with 4 strokes or less, a birdie is achieved.

Bogey –  A bogey meanwhile refers to the situation where the player completes the hole with 1 stroke above par. This means that in a par-5 game, if the player finished the stroke in 6 strokes, then he would have achieved a bogey.

Other terms – Apart from that, there are other terms related to eagle, birdie and bogey. This includes Double Eagle which means the player finished the hole (par-5) in 2 strokes. A double and triple bogey is used when the player finished the hole in 7 and 8 strokes respectively.