Educational Programs in Golf


Did you know that you can be a certified golf course manager? If you have plans to run your own golf course or intend to work in one, then you should consider some of the many education qualifications that are available so that you learn the proper way and methods of these operations.

Different levels of course available

Whether you are looking for an academic qualification or an industry-linked one, there is a program out there to facilitate your passion in golf course management. These courses can be categorized between the academic courses where you graduate with a diploma or a degree or you can take purely professional ones which are more specialized. Besides that, there are the smaller classes where you can learn to play the game from a coach.

Academic Courses

The first type of golf program that you can enroll in is the academic one. These programs are offered by institutes of higher learning where you go through a duration between 1 and 3 years to graduate with a diploma or a degree. Such courses are specially designed to provide you with the educational reference and material that you need that starts from the fundamentals to the more advanced levels.

Diploma in Golf Management

This course is offered by the Berjaya University College of Hospitality. You will undergo a hands-on program where you will learn all the facets of managing a golf course. From the basics of golf to marketing and management, this course is very practical where it provides you with what you need to chart your career in the golf industry. This course runs for 2 and a half years where you will learn golfing skills, retail operations, management and risk management, among others. Within the course, there is a 20-week industry placement term.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Golf Management) with Honours

This program is a one-of-its-kind degree which is offered by Universiti Utara Malaysia in Kedah. The Business Administration degree, known to be one of the most conventional business courses has been given a new and unique approach now that you can specialize in golf management. Typically, this course is designed for students to learn about running a business operation of the golf course in particular. It covers critical areas of the business that includes marketing, current trends, key concepts and many others. Students who graduate after this 3-years course can seek a career as a golf professional, golf retailer, coach or course manager, to name a few.

R&A Qualified Referee

A new refereeing qualification was launched recently by the R&A where you can be an R&A Qualified Referee. This is an official professional qualification that is recognized by the European Tour, the Asian Tour and the Ladies European Tour. It was kickstarted in early 2021 and will be looking to provide the platform for golfers to become qualified referees for golf tournaments in the circuit. The course will cover both practical assessments and written examinations. Overall, there will be 4 levels that the student must complete and have already been launched in Chile, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, Australia and Singapore. Other parts of the world will follow suit after that.

Golf Coaching Courses

This refers to the type of classes that individuals can enroll in to learn the game of golf. It is often advised that beginners or amateurs first learn to play golf from professional coaches or attend classes that are offered by golf clubs. Meanwhile, the more seasoned players can continue to enhance their skills and techniques through these classes too. Golf coaching is available for players of all ages and you can actually start your kids from as young as 4 years old. Among the popular ones that are offered include:

MST Golf Academy – Provides 1-to-1, group and corporate golf classes. They also run the Junior Academy to start the young ones in this game.

Swing Vectors Golf Academy – A great place in the Klang Valley to learn how to play golf, they offer individual and group classes for everyone in every level. You can start at the beginner’s level and then work your way up to becoming a pro in your game. They also provide courses on how to improve and enhance your technique when playing the game.

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