Callaway Golf Men X Series 416


The Callaway Golf Men X Series 416 could arguably be one of the most affordable and value-for-money irons for this year. Known for making some of the best irons in the golf market, Callaway surely has this one figured out for those looking for something not too expensive but does not compromise on quality nonetheless.

The Review

What you get with the X Series 416 really is an iron head being fitted with the steel shaft designed to offer you maximum performance. The size is just about right where you are bound to get a lot of distance (extra) with its compactness. This means that a soft hit will fly the ball pretty far. However, if forgiveness is what you are in for, then this club might not be for you.

Highlights of the Callaway X Series 416 irons

As mentioned, you might not like the forgiveness with this one but the other departments are pretty good. In fact, the accuracy is quite a top notch here. This club might be good for those who know what they are looking for but might not be as ideal for the low handicappers. The steel shaft is something that will attract you for sure and the bore-thru design is something that they have made their own and very much its own trademark in this sense.

Basically, if looks are important, then this club will be your ideal one to have. The chrome outlook gives it a classy appearance and you will appreciate how solid it sounds (and feels too). The price point at about RM1,200 will surely pull you into considering this iron (even not as starters). It gives you a straight ball flight, fits nicely into any bag and will surely be a head-turner for anyone in the greens.

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