Wilson Staff D200 Irons


Priced below RM1,000, the Wilson Staff D200 could possibly be one of the most amazing and affordable irons in the market this year. The people at Wilson has packed so many technologies into this one, you would not believe the price that comes with it.

Affordable for Performance

The word around is that the Wilson Staff D 200 Irons has been designed for performance, period! It gives you a lot of distance, great forgiveness, and surely faster speed too. If you want improvement in your game, then this iron is the right one to start with.

Behind the Wilson D 200

To begin with, Wilson is going for faster traveling speed for the club head by using their ‘Right Light Technology’ with this one. The cool thing about this is that you can very much maintain your golf swing. For better ball speed and greater distance, they have also included a speed sole as well as a thin-walled transition.

So, the distance will never be a problem with the D 200. On top of that, you will get extremely good forgiveness too. Straight flights can be achieved almost effortlessly which means that playability is almost at its best.

In terms of its looks, the appearance is quite impressive although it could have been better. However, they have made up for this by giving you their Cavity Back design and the Wilson Staff Tour Traction Grip that offers better control when you play your game which will then push out more speed than you can imagine. This is one club that you must hold to find out what it is really like. Its design is more functional than just the outlook. As such, the price would surely be one of the major reasons why you want to own this.

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