Golf Equipments

Callaway X Hot Irons – Puts Joy into your game

The Callaway X Hot irons is one of the more exciting versions to come out from Callaway in recent years. It comes with the brand’s ‘Speed Frame’ technology which is designed to provide a maximum stiffness on the clubface that can influence your game very much.

As a result, you will get some very good shots and ball speeds which are maximized through this very balanced clubface. The Callaway X Hot irons give you a good feel about your game especially after the swing where you get the sturdy and firm feeling. Another good thing about the X Hot is that you get a positive smooth impact feel after the swing which makes it all the more fulfilling.

With its large cavity, you get some very good distance when hitting the ball. In terms of the looks, the X Hot irons do look more ‘handsome than ‘macho’ In other words, you get a more gentleman sort of gameplay with the Callaway X Hot irons instead of the more aggressive mode.

The Pros:

As a game improvement iron, the Callaway X Hot can be quite a joy to play with. You can pretty much work the iron in any direction you prefer. This iron gives you great accuracy especially when you are aiming for straight line shots. Even those that were mis-hit tend to stay on the line quite well.

The Cons:

Not much to complain about this iron but it can be quite hard to keep the ball under the wind if compared to other irons in this class. Because it can maintain a good line in mis-hits, it can get frustrating as you can’t tell the difference between a good and bad shot.


This iron has a well-balanced design. If you like accuracy and likes to control the distance of your hit, this iron is made for you.