Ping G Irons


Feel: Swing it, you will feel the balance in this club. That is the same feeling you get if you miss.

Look: There is a very robust and sturdy look to the Ping G. The manufacturer has not done much changes to the G series overall.

No nonsense irons that gives great height

Price: The steel version is about RM3,200 while the graphite one is around RM3,600.

Key Technologies: The one thing that stood out in this irons is the sole which is designed wider. That should give you better contact in your hits.

Playability: This club is good for straight line hits. However, that does not mean you can get curves out of it. It might take some practice there but once you get it, you will like it. Makes your game simpler in many ways.

Forgiveness: Among the many players in this scale, the Ping G is the easiest in terms of forgiveness. It has been claimed that you only need to aim and hit it, the club will do the rest. It has one of the best precisions around.

Distance Control: Quite predictable when it comes to this. When you use the Ping G, it gets the job done quite effortlessly. Once you get the stroke right, there should be no problem getting the distance you need.

Cons: Because of the weight distribution, the G could hit the ball high. At times, it can be too high.

Summary: If you are looking for a no-nonsense irons to give your game that added punch, the new Ping G is perfect. However, it might not be the best club for seasoned players.


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