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With players like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods endorsing the Full Swing Golf Simulator, it is hard to understand why more players are not leaning toward this technology to assist their games. However, many first time users may struggle with the concept of learning an outdoor game in the confines of an indoor environment. They don’t blame anyone. they will be the first to say that golf is a game that is best learnt on the course itself. Unfortunately, offering lessons on the 6th fairway with two groups waiting on the tee box behind is not exactly the best idea. They have decided to use the next best thing…

Of course, they would love to hit golf balls off pristine turf like they do on the professional tours to get their practice in, but few ranges offer this service. In fact 99% of driving ranges in KL are using hitting mats just like they do at [email protected]

However, what they do offer is a golf simulator with infrared beams tracking every shot that is hit into their high impact HD screens. The launch angle is measured against the speed of the golf ball. Along with the exact angle of deviation left or right of the target line, a ball flight is reproduced on the screen. The technology is accurate to 97%, and has proven itself to be good enough for Hank Haney to introduce the Full Swing Golf Simulator into his teaching academies.

Golf Simulator Brands

The game of golf is best played on the green. That is a given but there are times of the year when you are unable to do so like the raining season, scheduling problems and such. But such reasons should not hold you back and you should be able to enjoy your game anytime, even when it is indoors.

Play golf indoors?

One thing for sure, there is no reason to play golf indoors. Unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! But when it becomes so, you should have all you need to let you get as close to the real thing as possible. That is where you need to invest in a simulator that will come with a lot of advantages. In countries like Malaysia, you might have to contend with issues like the haze which can disrupt your game. The idea is to keep playing even when you cannot go out so that you maintain consistency in your game. And this gets better, with a golf simulator, you get to enjoy the game from the comfort of your own office or living room. Here are some of the popular simulators you can consider.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

This is perhaps one of the most popular names in golf simulators in 2019 and is expected to go on for the next few years. What makes SkyTrak so interesting is that it is very immersive and you will enjoy the game almost like the real thing. The high-definition simulation is very user-friendly where you can use your own clubs. This is like a real-life gaming simulation where you can play in live tournaments. Get your friends involved in more than 150,000 courses inspired from across the world. Besides that, you get to play with your friends where you can choose all types of configurations. The price is about RM9,000 for the complete set.

X Golf Simulator Pack

This simulator is known to be the best for small spaces. A standard package should not cost more than RM1,000 where it is attached to your golf clubs and you get to play in the many virtual courses taken from around the world. If you have always dreamed of playing in world-class courses like the Wade Hampton, this might be in your alley. In fact, the simulator has a junior option as well which means the kids can play along too. It, however, does not allow you to play with real golf balls as it does not require a net but connects perfectly fine with smartphones (both Android and Apple).

P3 Proswing Golf Analyzer

The P3 Proswing Golf Analyzer is a great device to have indoor if you want a lot of analysis. It is, after all, a real-time analyzer that will give you all the data you need in your game including the clubface angle, the swing tempo, your hit and carry distances and so much more. Browse through over 100 golf courses and driving ranges available in this system and play to your heart’s content.

Rapsodo R-Motion

From about RM1,500, you can get hold of the Rapsodo R-Motion. It is simple to install simulator that can be connected to your computer system and even your smartphone. The sensor can be attached to your own personal golf clubs but you need to have your own mat and net. Your swing is captured and then analyzed to let you know how good (or bad) it was. There is a driving range for practice as well as 15 virtual courses to choose from.

Optishot 2 Simulator

The Optishot 2 Simulator is one of the cheapest options if you are looking for a simulator without needing to pay too much. In fact, it costs only about RM1,500 (or even less) if you buy the bundle package. This set uses 16 infrared sensors that can track your technique and then analyze them. All you need to do is to connect it to your computer via the USB connector and then use your own club. It comes with 15 golf courses (and reputable ones), so you do have quite a lot of options actually. The only downside to this is that you need to use their foam balls to hit and real balls might not be your cup of tea. But then again, it is a budget set so it should do the trick for now.

Putt-a-Bout Par Three Putting Green

As the name implies, this is a great simulator to help you with putting. For an indoor device, this is quite a cheap and affordable option if you are looking for something along with a bracket of below RM500. Having said that, the Putt-a-Bout Par Three Putting Green does not require you to have a big space as you only need 9×3 feet for practice.

CItyGolf uses real golf balls. Why would this be something to consider? Well, it makes a big difference…

A driving range ball feels different to real balls because driving range balls are “built to last”. The average driving range ball is hit more times than a golf ball should really be hit, and over time the impact will eventually wear out the original shape, which will eventually give you some drastic misfires! Range balls also have the habit of being inconsistent in feel due to their compression. Some shots will feel “hard” even when you know you’ve hit it OK. If you’re not really feeling your shots the way you’ve really hit them, this is a poor reflection on the outcome of your swing.

They have the ability to move between the driving range and the golf course within a couple of seconds. This is an invaluable teaching tool, as students will be able to work on their swings on identical replicas of a choice of international golf courses. This is the most efficient way of getting a lesson on actually playing the game of golf under the watchful eye of a seasoned professional. Course management is one of the most overlooked aspects of the game of golf. Let them help.

Their professional uses advanced video analysis to help you really understand your golf swing. The key to swinging better is to know what you are looking for, and this is where their professionals will ease your mind on all of those burning questions that you have had about your golf swing.  Once you have an understanding, it is easy to set some goals and start improving.

Beginners and Kids are welcome!

CityGolf has the fastest rate of learning in junior and beginner golfers as they are able to get them into a golf course environment faster than what is achievable outdoors. Beginners can be playing on the course (and actually have an idea of what PAR is) within three short lessons.

Oh, and Citygolf is situated in an air-conditioned lounge with a fully serviced bar serving anything from a Cafe Latte to an ice cold pint. It’s easy to make more swings in a cooler environment, so it stands to reason that you will get more bang for your buck in a one hour lesson.

Just The Venue You’ve Been Looking For!

[email protected] is the ideal choice of venue for your next event, whether it is a corporate function to entertain clients and staff or a party for friends, family and children.  [email protected] combines world-class golf with a relaxed lounge setting. Fantastic venue for watching live sports. Augusta National looks amazing on a 200 inch HD Screen.

With a newly renovated lounge with the help of a new food and beverage partner, [email protected] provides the ideal setting for an event in a lounge that can host up to sixty guests.

Their resident professional (PGA of South Africa) is on hand to offer a group clinic to your clients and introduce them to the golf simulator. After a bit of hands on tuition, your guests will then compete in a friendly contest held on the simulators. This is an ideal and extremely cost effective way to introduce golf to people who may not have ever tried the game before.

For the more experienced golfers, [email protected] offers you over fifty exact replicas of courses from around the world. They can host up to twenty four golfers at one time playing any format of the game from a High Stakes Skins game to a Ryder Cup Style Strokeplay Tournament.

An event held [email protected] offers you the chance to interact with your entire guest list for the duration of the event, whilst giving them a memorable experience that they will not soon forget.

City Golf’s Event Management Team

Looking to organize a unique golf-related event, either indoor or outdoor? Look no further as City Golf are able to provide you just that.

City Golf’s Event Management Team is available for professional and corporate golfing events in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. As the Events Team for the Maybank Malaysian Open, City Golf has the knowledge and the experience to ensure your next event is a success.

City Golf Beat the Pro Service

A “Beat the Pro” is a great add-on to any golf event that you may be hosting. There are a few different options as to how the beat the pro event can be run, and will surely add some excitement to your golf event.

The City Golf professional will be based on a Par 3 tee box and as each group comes to the tee box, the players will have a chance to place a “wager” against the professional. Proceeds all go to charity.

Minimum wager is RM10. If the player hits the green, they will receive a discount voucher to City Golf that can be used on a golf lesson or simulator use.

Should the player beat the professional, it will be recorded on the entry form. If there are a few names on the list at the end of the day, a lucky draw will take place to determine the eventual winner of the Beat the Pro contest.

Daily Golf Professional Hire

Should you want to entertain your guests with something out of the ordinary at your golf day, hiring a professional for a BEAT THE PRO is a great way to achieve this. Your guests will have a chance to interact with their pro on a Par 3, where they will donate a fee to hit their shot against their pro’s shot. Players who hit the green receive on the spot vouchers, and the overall winner is awarded a Grand Prize. Awesome fun.
Their professionals are also available for playing lessons. Should you want to impress your boss, booking a round of golf for him with a professional is a superb gift. THIS IS NOT A GOLF LESSON! This is an experience that you will always cherish. A round of golf with one of their professionals will allow you to discover new ways to play the game of golf to help you to reduce your score. Simple tricks that have got absolutely nothing to do with your golf swing. Try one. You’ll be impressed.

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