Srixon Z 355 Irons


Look: As if the playability is not enough, Srixon has the design figured out as well. This irons is definitely a looker.

Feel: You need to hit it to feel it, the sheer satisfaction of hearing the compressed hit upon impact.

Srixon has produced one of the best irons in its class

Price: The Srixon Z355 Irons steel version is available for RM3,200 while the graphite body is priced at RM3,600.

Key Technologies: This irons has a very unique design in that there is a higher face near the hosel. What it gets is that you have a larger space to hit the ball.

Playability: The Srixon Z355 is no pushover. It is actually one of the best in this class. If you are into hitting straight balls, it is second to none. Besides that, the Z355 gets very good partial shots which makes it really nice for rough terrains.

Forgiveness: One thing for sure, this irons gives you the consistency you would like especially when you are taking the same shot repeatedly. It does not compromise on directions and distance, so you get a lot of leverage here.

Distance Control: This piece of metal is pretty much made for distance. In this area, it gets where you want it to go.

Cons: The price is perhaps the only downside of this club but then again, it is not as expensive as some others. Apart from that, beginners might not appreciate the extra-effort needed to hit the ball.

Summary: The Z355 is definitely a class on its own. It comes with good looks and a great feel and it is perfect if you are looking for a change in your game.

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