Cobra King F8 Irons


The thing about Cobra King clubs is that there are certain models that don’t look as good as it feels but that is not what you get with their latest F8 Irons.

Distance and Speed demon

What makes this such an interesting club is that it is designed for distance and speed. At a price point of slightly higher than RM2,000, the Cobra King F8 Irons can be quite a steal for clubs in this category. While this is a 2018 model, it would be anything but outdated.

What’s so special about this club?

The predecessor to the Cobra F7, it now comes with 3 heads (instead of 4). Cobra King has put in their PWERSHELL Face Technology with the F8 too. This means that what you get now is a thinner forged faceplate. This was done to give you more stability during the hit and also for greater power as well. Besides that, they have included the Arccos sensors on the grips which connect you to a mobile device to capture data about your game.

Pros and Cons of the Cobra F8

Its steel material does give it a truly professional look and feel, so aesthetics would be top of the list here. This iron is made to give you one of the best forgiveness while maintaining great distance too. All these, when put in with that incredible spin would just be ideal for any golfer looking for quality in the game. The only downside to this club is only that it might not look as spectacular as the predecessors. What you really get here is top-notch technology and a sturdy feel which are so specifically made by the top engineers from Cobra King (and possibly in the market as well).

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