Golf Equipments

Guide on Golf Shoes


The golf attire is actually quite simple. Unlike other sports where there are specific conditions to the type of clothes you wear while playing, all you need is to wear something comfortable and casual when you play golf. If you are competing in a tournament, you might need to adhere to the regulations. To be safe, it would be best to wear clothes designed and sold by golf brands.
However, when it comes to shoes, you need to be a little more careful as this is one area which can be quite specific. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, buying your golf shoe can be quite challenging. After all, they do not come cheap and unless you are a sponsored golfer, you might want to consider the following:

TypeGolf Shoes differ from all other types of shoes. It is specifically designed for the golf course where it comes with spikes. Depending on the brand and type of shoe, the spikes can be made from plastic or metal where they are all designed to provide you with the traction you need when playing. In recent years, metal spikes are not as popular as before as they tend to damage the green. As such, plastic spikes have become more popular while there has been a rising popularity for spikesless shoes. Instead of spikes, these shoes use soft cleats and nubs which are less damaging while offering the traction that you need.

Design – It might not be the priority when it comes to shoes but once you have decided on whether you are going to use the spikes or go spikesless, then you can consider the fashion element. After all, golfers are known to be among the most fashionable athletes in the world. The rule of thumb here is not to forget that you are in for the game, not the style.

Flexibility and Comfort – When buying the Golf Shoes, ensure that you find one which is durable because you will be spending quite a lot of time in it. There will be a lot of twisting and turning involved while you might be walking a lot too. So make sure that it is comfortable enough.

Waterproof – Playing in Malaysian Golf Courses can be quite a challenge where it can be hot one minute and wet the other. Rain showers could happen in an instant, so you might want to consider a waterproof pair of shoes. Apart from that, for better ventilation, look for shoes that have good breathability.