Honma Beres S-03 Driver


Price: RM2,000 for the wood version and RM4,000 for the forged driver.

Feel: When it comes to graphite shafts, no one really comes close to Honma being the first in the industry to start using this material. As such, the forged driver version would be a great club to use if you are looking for a top-notch driver.

Look: The large head will have you brimming with excitement. Otherwise, all other parts seemed quite common.

Honma Drive ahead of its time

Key Technologies: If you know Honma, you will be aware that this Japanese brand has been constantly ahead of its time. The main technology they have is their 5-piece structure which makes better center of gravity depth than many in its class. Their new Ti-5N (a type of light titanium) is total revolutionary.

Playability: Using the Ti-5N material, this driver is very light and strong. The swing is almost flawless and impact sound is perfect.

Forgiveness: If you don’t know better, you might think that this club is made for maximum forgiveness. It actually help to straighten the hit and perfect for those who tend to get bad slices.

Distance Control: Due to the fact that it can straighten the hit for you, you get a lot of leverage in terms of distance with the Honma Beres.

Cons: There really isn’t much flaw with this one except for the price.

Summary: Generally, the Honma Beres S-03 driver is a great club to own if you do not mind its hefty price tag. It actually elevates your game to a higher level without you even knowing.

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