Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor


The Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor could well be one of the most impressive gadgets you can have leading into 2022. Garmin, who has been one of the leading names in GPS devices recently launched their latest launch monitor which will surely resonate with every golfer.

Getting started is easy

The Approach R10 comes with a tripod and phone mount. Charging it is through a mini USB cable and it is extremely easy to set up. You will quickly notice the sturdiness of the magnetic tripod while getting the phone mounted is pretty much standard as well. Like most of the radar-based launch monitors in the market, Garmin’s Approach R10 works quite similarly. It is ideal to put the device about 7 feet behind your tee spot. Get the device to aim at the target and then it will measure the ball and club angles relative to it. Once you download the Garmin app, the work is nearly done. Turn it on, set up with the buttons to link to your phone and that’s it!

How accurate is the R10

When it comes to data, you get a lot to digest with the Approach R10. With this small device, you get metrics like clubhead speed, clubface angle, angle of attack, ball speed, launch direction, launch angle, spin rate, apex height, smash factor, total distance and many more, all of which will give you a point-accurate measurement of your performance. Another good thing about the Approach R10 is that you can use it both indoor and outdoor. However, it must be noted that aiming with such a small device might be challenging at some point. Hence, horizontal launch angles might be 1 or 2 degrees off the mark. That said, it still delivers its promises better than several others out there.

What’s the verdict?

The Garmin Approach R10 has all you need to get your swings right. It might not be the most accurate device for Tour Pros but for club golfers, it is good enough to check how you are doing with your swings and then identify where you can do better. The Garmin Golf app does more than you expect. Its driving range function lets you examine your data in various ways like range or club/impact views. This can be customized to suit your need too. You will most likely be spending more of your time practicing your drive anyway. Hence, having this data would help you tremendously.

One more cool feature here is the Home Tee Hero which comes with the Garmin Golf app which would be great for indoor practice. This gives you a simulation mode to improve your game on every course that Garmin has mapped. At around US$600, it is comparable to the other launch monitors but delivers slightly better than the rest.

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