Top 5 Drivers

Top 5 Drivers

Three companies stood out among all the competitors for the best quality of manufacture Ping, Mizuno and Titleist. Ping incepted by Kartsen Solheim was lagging behind among the companies mentioned above until it started producing Ping G5 ProLaunch.

G5 Prolaunch will meet all your demands and is one of the best for beginners. And for those who know how to play the game and aims for the most from the swing, then G5 ProLaunch is definitely on your must-buy list.

After conducting a thorough research on the market, Ping produced G5 ProLaunch that features maximum allowable head size (460cc) hence the gravity has been lowered for maximum flexibility. Therefore, golfer can aim for a higher launch angle while retaining a lower spin rate. The golf ball will travel for a greater distance with every swing.

Grafalloy ProLaunch shaft option is also available as it comes in six different grip sizes to suit golfers’ preference.

TaylorMade r7 460

Practically, most of the Driver clubheads in the market today feature weight-adjustment system. However, the first manufacturer to come up with such feature was TaylorMade. R7 460 helps to cover your flaws in every swing particularly for those with a handicap of 10-18.

With four different ports in the model, it allows user to adjust the weight available in six different ball-flight options. So far, TaylorMade Driver clubheads with weight-adjustment system is still the best in the market compared to other manufacturers.

Callaway X460

For golfers who have mastered the game and are striving to move up the ladder with some serious golf equipments, then Callaway X460 is definitely the clubhead to go for. This Driver clubhead is suitable for golfers with a handicap of 19 and above. Back in late 1980s, Callaway started the trend of over-sized clubhead and it became successful within six years only.

The over-sized clubhead features bore-through shaft (shaft pierces through the club). This feature offers stability when golfers swing the Driver while it helps to decrease the weight at the same time. The market price for X460 starts from $370.

Kane Golf Big Easy

Kane Golf is a lesser-known brand in the market due to lack of marketing and promotional efforts. However, the Driver clubheads manufactured by the company is nonetheless one of the best available. Kane Golf Big Easy is as good as any other popular Driver clubheads. This Driver clubhead is also offered at a reasonable price – $190.

While majority of other manufacturers have their clubs manufactured and assembled in Far East, Danny Kane spent time to design the clubs and pick the top-quality shafts and grips. The parts would be assembled in a manufacturing plant that offers the same services for other prestigious big names.

Kane Golf Big Easy features an inventive colour combination that enables golfer to locate the sweetport in no time. This club also offers high launch angle, high trajectory and distance.

Nike Sasquatch

Nike Sasquatch looks slightly different from other clubs available in the market due to ingenious colour combination. The grey and yellow paint club with different shapes enables golfers to push back centre of the gravity. As a result, it offers a higher launch angle and balls will travel at a greater distance with every swing.

In addition to that, the clubhead will not twist easily therefore enabling golfer to spot the centre of the clubhead. Even American magazine Golf Digest named Nike Sasquatch as the Driver of the Year in 2006. This clubhead is available at $350.

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