The World’s Most Expensive Golf Clubs


Golf clubs come in various shapes and sizes as well as the price tag that comes with it. What makes them so expensive really is not just about the quality but there are certain names that just resonate very well among the players. Below are the most expensive golf clubs from around the world.

So, does owning an expensive club make you play better?

The truth is, it does. But may not in a major way. In the game of golf, your performance is not depended entirely on your skills or the techniques you cultivated over the years. The golf club matters. In fact, equipment plays a crucial role here. Even the golf ball that you hit and the shoes you wear will play important roles too. When you invest in an expensive club, it means you are going for high-quality material. In this context, and in its own unique ways, they will determine the outcome of your gameplay in terms of accuracy and power. The influence a golf club on your game depends on your handicap and your skills. If you are a single figure handicap, then using good and expensive golf clubs will surely elevate your game. This might be a different case for the mid-handicapper or beginner.

Andrew Dickson Long Nosed Putter

Think about it, this is a putter which means it is not meant for heavy-duty golfing. The club is said to be made by Mr Dickson himself and the price is almost RM750,000. A putter at about three-quarter million ringgit would surely require a lot of thoughts even as an investment. What makes it so expensive is that international auctioneer Sotheby’s verified that it is one of the oldest clubs in the world.

Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Putter

Yet another putter with a price tag that puts the others to rest. This Cossar Club Company-made club has a metal headed blade putter which fetched the price of USD 165,000 (about RM660,000). If you haven’t already known, the Cossar Club Company is among the oldest golf club makers around.

Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club

Made from light iron, it is one of the oldest golf clubs ever made. In fact, it is among those that have been around since the 17th century and still available to the present day. Sold at an auction for about USD151,000, it remains as the third most expensive clubs in the world.

Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition

With a name like that, it is no surprise why the Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition is so expensive. What makes it so significant is that the shaft has a 5mm 24-carat gold coating with some diamond embellishments (yes, believe it!). This particular golf club is priced at USD150,000 (about RM600,000) but there is another version which comes without the diamonds which would probably be just a fraction of this price.

Long Nosed Scarped Golf Club

From the 4 most expensive clubs, the fifth is a far cry from that price point. The Long Nosed Scarped Golf Club is USD60,000 less than the fourth in this list and it goes back as far as the 18th century. This club is still in great condition when it was auctioned at Sotheby’s recently.

A.G. Spalding & Brothers Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood

The USD 49,000 A.G. Spalding & Brothers Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood is among the antiques that were auctioned by Sotheby’s. This name has, after all been synonymous with the game for decades now. In fact, Spalding continues to be one of the major brands being used in golf, basketball and many other sports.

Honma Five Star Golf Clubs

From the Japanese manufacturers come the Honma Five Star Golf Clubs. This is a whole set of clubs that were made with gold and platinum. The price for all 14 pieces was USD 32,000 and to think that it cannot be compared to that 1 single club at the top of this list.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Stainless Masters Winner Limited Edition

This set was designed by Scotty Cameron and priced at USD 20,000. As it is limited, only 21 units were ever made and if you own any one of those, you should be USD20,000 richer if you sell it. For comparison, the club is quite the same as that was used by Tiger Woods.

Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control

At number nine is the Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control club. The price tag that came with this is USD 8,500 and is a customized club. That would probably be one of the main reasons why it has been able to fetch such an expensive price tag.

Maruman Majesty Prestigio Driver

To complete the list is the Maruman Majesty Prestigio Driver. The club that comes with a fullerene titanium head fetched a USD 2,000 price tag. This was more about the material used in making the club which came with a light shaft and tungsten.

Michael Barth’s Golden Putter

The name itself tells you everything. Priced at USD2,000 and above for a putter, it might be a bit extravagant but it becomes a necessity when you learn about how it was made. The Michael Barth’s Golden Putter’s highlight is in its design which comes with a 24-karat gold plated head. It took them 4 years to come up with this wonder-club and it is made in Germany.

Okamura Yururi Tataki Blades

The name itself is impressive enough. To say the least, the term Tataki is used which is a way of how ‘fish ormeatin’ is prepared. This is one club handcrafted by Okamura himself and the perfection that can be seen from the clubhead itself will surely justify its price tag. The satin finish makes it look more premium than any other clubs in this segment. It is after all, Japanese.

Miura Black Boron CB-501 Irons

The price on this one starts around USD3,500. Designed for golfers at any level, this club has been fine-tuned from 2 former successful models, the 202 and the 301. When you take 2 very popular and successful heads and what they are good for and then combine into a single club, you know you have the best of all worlds. Its black boron finish is just an exquisite touch to the class that this club brings. Take note that they are custom built-to-order.

Ryoma “Beyond Power” Driver

Reviewers have been flourishing in with the kindest words about this one. This is a shaft designed for the highest standards of golfing anyone can imagine. Used to perfection with Maxima heads, the brandname itself speaks volumes. They use their latest tech in this that incorporate ‘multi-kick’ and ‘infinity flex’ that gives you more speed. Made by Graphite Design together with the designers in Ryoma, this shaft works so well for golfers at any speed.

Honma Beres

The Honma Beres IS-06 is a 6-piece golf set which gets you up and started quite easily. With this set, you literally has one of the best way to enjoy the game. Priced from USD3,000 for the whole set, it sets the bar up high. After all, Honma has already a strong reputation for being a brand among the expensive ones. The driver is good for golfer of any speed and it comes with medium-high launch with medium to fast spins.

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