The X-Lite S-Yard driver – light, soft but powerful


If you have been trying to get your swings right using the right Driver, you should consider the S-Yard X-Lite Driver because of its naturally lightweight body. It is now made with the brand’s new extra lightweight concept in its Septuplet Axis graphite shaft.

Designed for easy movements

This is the concept that has been specially designed for this version where despite being extremely light does give you that extra punch at the point of contact with the ball. This is where the swing speed is increased substantially through the design of the mentioned Septuplet Axis where the rigidity of the shaft is enhanced with the mid-low part of the shaft which is designed to ensure that any unnecessary movements are prevented. This will then result in a solid impact as the clubhead contacts the ball.

The Club with a distance

The Delta Zone Weight System which is also made exclusively for the S-Yard is designed in such a way that the clubhead’s distance of the center of gravity from the shaft is shortened to the clubhead. This then results in the weight hovering around the Delta Zone which results in the turning of the clubhead at the swing plain’s impact. Such a design ensures that the trajectory is strong and high.

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