Gaining Clubhead Speed


If you have been trying to get more distance from your game, chances are you might have been told to gain more clubhead speed, among other techniques.

Why gain clubhead speed?

The concept is simple. What you want to do is to get the right speed which is often measured when you hit the ball. The common mistake that many golfers make when it comes to this is they try to swing faster. While it makes sense logically, you tend to lose speed at the point of impact which means you lose distance altogether. The trick here is to release the club at the right moment which is usually later when you have a fast clubhead. Besides that, you need to examine your wrist hinge, rotation of your body, swings and grip.

Getting to the clubhead speed you desire

The steps below should guide you through the correct way to gaining clubhead speed.

  1. If you are a right-hander, use your left hand to grip the club and forming the ‘V’. This is done with your left thumb and index finger that points towards your right shoulder while you do the opposite sides if you are left-handed.
  2. Use your right-hand fingers to grip the club and then forming the ‘V’ with your right number and index finger. Apply the grip according to the pressure you need.
  3. Now, do the backswing. Do not turn your hips too much here and swing only with your shoulders. Ensure that you have your wrists hinged as you backswing. Once you have reached a 90-degrees angle between your left arm and the club shaft, stop hinging your wrists.
  4. You should stop the turn once your left shoulder is just below your chin and this is where your body should now move into a coil position. While doing this, do not rotate your hips and let your shoulders do the work.
  5. Turn your hips towards the target as you start the downswing and as you are doing this, maintain your relaxed hands and arms.
  6. This will give you a later release and when your body starts uncoiling from that position, it would hit the ball at a high club speed. For more power, turn your hips about 45 degrees toward the target when the club hits the ball.


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