Trackman, Performance Enhancing Software & Launch Monitor


Technology in golf is nothing new. But the growing demands have been nothing short of phenomenal. If you have been playing golf and wanting to improve your game with the latest tech and gadgets, the Trackman might well answer all your questions.

Your potential – Unleashed!

Trackman allows you to get ahead of your game in many ways. The data collected from Trackman is revolutionary which can be used for all reasons. This is why some of the top golfers in our generations are using data collected from Trackman to improve and enhance their games.

This means that if you use Trackman, you get to upskill your game. What you want is the feedback of your game which is immediate and that you can use in many facets including ball flight, launch, landing, and delivery, to name a few.

Insights for a better game

Trackman comes with its own Performance Enhancing Software. This is specially designed and made with some of the best in the game.

With data, video, and graphics that give you the visualization you need to improve your game, you get to gauge how far (or near) you are in getting the right swings. Besides that, there are swing videos and related data that are up-to-date while having access to the latest stats and data from international tours like the LPGA and PGA.

CRM at its best

Besides giving you the data and the information you need, Trackman comes with MyGolfers, its own online platform where you can now stay connected with your customers in every way possible.

When you have all your clients in a list, you can manage your golfing services better. This means you can use your inbox and create reports, podcasts, videos, etc.

Technology in Trackman

Established in 2003, Trackman has been synonymous with golf radar technology ever since. That is the very platform you can come to expect when you use Trackman.

That which must be understood here is that the platform was designed with an intention to help golfers grasp certain aspects of their game through parameters that are crucial. This includes:

  • Ball speed
  • Club path
  • Attack angle
  • Face angle
  • and others

Swing analyzer

With Trackman, you get the Radar Technology which otherwise is known as the swing analyzer. The portable golf launch monitor is used a lot in lessons involving your golf swings while it is also commonly used for club fitting and game analytics.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, this software gives you the headstart you need because it can be used both outdoors and indoors.

What is tracked by Trackman

It is all a numbers game when you use Trackman. There will only be 2 purposes you want to use Trackman:

  1. Reliability
  2. Precision

That which is being tracked with this platform is that you get a full trajectory of your shots. It will give you the precise location and the accuracy could well be lesser than a foot when at a hundred yards. The shot’s 3D trajectory can also be displayed to you.

  • Smash Factor – This refers to how much energy is being transferred to the golf ball when you hit it with your clubhead.
  • Spin Rate – This reveals your shot’s height and distance.
  • Launch Angle – This refers to the angle and its relation to the ground when it takes off.
  • Carry – This is the how far the ball travels through the air after you have hit it
  • Ball Speed – As the name implies, it is what happens at the point of impact.
  • Club Speed – This data is used to ascertain the potential distance of the golfer
  • Dynamic Loft – During impact, the Dynamic Loft is how much of loft is inflicted on the club.
  • Attack Angle – This refers to the point of impact and the club’s direction whether it is in motion up or down.
  • Club Path – This is similar to the Attack Angle but is more on the side directions.
  • Face Angle – This refers to which direction the clubface is pointing at during the time of impact whether it is open or closed.

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