7 Best Golf Apps 2021


Playing golf today is no longer the same as how it was 10 years ago because of technology. You no longer just carry your golf clubs because you have a list of gadgets to compliment your game as well as to help you in training. You bring a rangefinder, a smartwatch and now you even connect to your smartphones.

Finding the right apps for your game

When it comes to the right mobile app for your game, there are too many to choose from and figuring out which one is the best would be a headache. While you can test to see which one works and which one don’t, here’s a guide on some that have garnered positive reviews to get you started.

  • GolfForever – This is a digital fitness app that helps you to get in shape particularly for the game of golf. It is tailored to help you get more out of golf whether it is to build strength or to improve your fitness for the game. This app creates a schedule for your fitness regime, preparing you and informing you about your strength and weaknesses so that you can find ways to improve.
  • Golfshot – This is the most popular app out there by downloads. You can track each of your shots on the course and shows you the distance to the center too. If you are willing to buy the app, you get real-time distances when you play in any of the 40,000 preloaded golf course information. Besides that, you get 3D display and zoom functions too.
  • Hole19 – This app is basically free for download. It has a stat-tracking function with a user-friendly interface. You get a bird’s eye view of the course you are playing in so you know what you are up against.
  • SwingU – This app gives you the scorecard and relevant statistics as it tracks your game. You get tips and important lessons too while tracking your handicap. Besides that, it comes with strokes gained analysis and wind speed information to give you more insights into your game. Formerly known as SwingXSwing, it is free for life.
  • 18Birdies – Known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, this app works as a GPS rangefinder too. It has a stat tracker and news while keeping you informed through its digital scorecard. The paid version comes with more features and you can link the app to your smartwatches as well (Apple and Android).
  • Golf Pad – This is a free-to-download app where you get a digital scorecard that can be used for up to 4 players. It monitors the game through tracking of your strokes and putts while providing you with the rangefinder function too. The free version comes with more than 37,000 golf course information and you can connect with other golfers using the same platform.
  • Deemples – You get an app that can connect and join other golfers. This is the networking app you need for golf where it even matches anyone who is looking for a game. Alternatively, you can host a game too and start the ball rolling.

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