Best Gadgets for Men This Year


The coolest kits and gadgets you need this year are all about convenience and safety. When it comes to fixing stuff and being ready when you need to, nothing beats having these tools around as they can come in very handy and highly functional too!

inCharge 6 Universal Cable Connector

if you have multiple gadgets that need to be charged, this inCharge connector is your answer. It comes compatible with all types of connectors like Lightning, Micro USB and Type C. Basically, you can connect this to any device and charge them. It also comes with a 5-foot long cable extension.

Eiliks Survival Gear Kit

This is a 24-in1 box that literally gives you everything you need. You want to bring this when you are out camping or hiking or just repairing stuff at home. You get a foldable knife and climbing hooks here. There is a multifunctional spoon and an emergency blanket too.

URWERK UR 1001 Watch

This watch comes with a reputation and a cooler name known as the Zeit Machine. It is the ‘Titan’ of what a watch would be, exuding strength and power at the same time. Made from titanium (of course) and you get a totally different looking, out-of-this-world watch that lets you see the most accurate time and a battery life that lasts up to 1,000 years.

Mini Knives

You no longer need to bring those machete knives with you these days when you have mini knives. They are stylish and sharp. First, you have the ones with a hole for comfortable handling while they also have small chef knives as well (measuring only 1.5 inches long) which are perfect when you are saving space.

Tiny Survival Card

When it comes to size, the Tiny Survival Card takes the cake because of its size. First, it is the same size as your credit card which makes it easy to carry. Then, you have almost every survival tool you need here including a dual-edged saw, a knife and tweezers. Made from stainless steel, it is durable and sturdy while they stick firmly onto the magnetic base for easy management.

Rolling Knee Pads

Are you fixing things around the house and need to move around a lot on your knees? The Rolling Knee Pads are perfect to let you move around easily. When you are mobile on wheels, it is soft on the knees while letting you get from one point to another quickly and painlessly. You can turn 360 degrees with these which would be ideal when you are working on the floor. With a button, it changes from knee blades to knee pads. Genius!

Truss Multitool

You would probably have seen this tool around and this is nothing less than functional. You get 17 tools in a single tool that include a knife, scissors and mini saw. Besides that, it comes with a ruler, a can and bottle opener as well. The Truss Multitool is a handy companion when you are out camping and comes with a case that you can fit onto your belt either horizontally or vertically.

Laser Lighters

This solves the problem of having to buy lighters or matchboxes. This lighter is activated by laser where it detects your finger and then activates the windproof fire. There is an LED indicator that shows you the battery life which can be charged through a micro USB port.

Universal Socket Grip

You no longer need to buy those bulky and extensive socket sets with this one. This invention is a brilliant answer that lets you connect to just about any bolt and nuts for drilling or screwing. Whether they are hexagonal nuts or standard bolts, just fit the Socket Grip onto your drill (where it will fit in nicely) and start working on it. This product is stainless steel and comes with a power drill which will be good for both beginners and professionals.

Magnetic Wristband

This is the answer to situations where you are drilling or hammering but needs a place to store the nails and screws. Stick them onto the 10 magnets on this wristband and have them firmly stay there. Take them as and when you need them. They also fit nicely onto your belt too.



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