Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids

In this digital age, there are more than enough help (or aid) to help you with almost anything. While golf is known to be a very technical game with lots of practice needed, there are now training aids out that designed to improve your game from the get-go.

Why do you need a training aid?

The fundamentals. That is what you need to get you started in this game. Golf training aids are mostly designed to give you that head-start. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned golfer, these devices are made so that you need not have to worry over the nitty-gritty details and just get on with your game. Furthermore, they are functional to a point that they results-oriented. Some are even designed to be intuitive and extremely helpful. Ultimately, they are there so that you get the most important outcome of your golf game, enjoyment. Below are some of the best training aids in the market for your game.


This training aid surely takes the cake for setup. It is actually a portable electronic mat which is used to collect data about how you are standing and the pressure that comes with it. After all, your posture plays a crucial role in what your swing will be and what it will produce. The vector plates on the mat will detect and display the pressure from both your feet when you take a shot. If you have been trying to get your pose right and to get the swing in your power through your movements, then this aid will surely give you the data you need.

Train your Aim

Train Your Aim is perhaps one of the most affordable training aids in the market. It can be easily attached to your equipment and extremely easy to use. What it does is that it helps you to focus your line of sight from the clubface to the target line, one area of the game that many golfers find to be challenging. This is most common for putting but it is also designed and suitable for use with drives too.

Tour Striker

The range offered by Tour Striker can be quite intimidating and if you are not in the know about golf, you might not know where to start. But once you get into the groove, there really isn’t anything that can stop you. Tour Striker has a very broad range of products to help you with your game. Their Smart Ball, for example, would be one of their flagships. Other products that you can find here include their Educator, training clubs and their very popular SAMI or Structural Awareness Motion Instrument.

SwingClick Plus

The SwingClick Plus is designed to help you improve aspects of your game such as the rhythm, tempo and consistency. In fact, many players who have used the SwingClick Plus claimed that it is the best in the market as a rhythm trainer. Attached to the top of the backswing, you get a good and reasonable top-of-swing position and works well for both right and left-handed golfers.

Orange Whip

Orange Whip is perhaps one of the most complete sources of training aid you can find in a single platform. They have 7 products that help you not only in terms of improving your game but to improve your fitness too. The good thing is that you do not need to spend too much time here. A range of 5 to 10 minutes each day will improve your game in as many aspects as possible.

Power Package

The Power Package training aid is designed to get your arms into the right places. It is attached to the golf club thereby detecting any anomalies or wrong grips. The idea is to get your arms, wrists and hands into the right position before you take that swing. It will tell you if you are swing plane is wrong. Whether it is too upright or too flat or even if the clubface is not in the right position. The feedback is immediate and this works extremely well for golfers who have problems like overswing or releasing too early.

True Pendulum Motion

This aid is designed to help you get your putt right. In fact, it has been used by many touring professionals to get it the way they want it. The patented design can be used during your practice or you can even use it in the office to help you practice your motion. After all, it won’t take too much of your time to putt a ball or two during a short break. The design is quite modern with 2 V-Shaped rods that get it in sync through a pendulum-styled process.

Golf In Sync

As the name implies, this aid gets you in-sync between your body and your game. It helps you to carry out a synchronized swing because as your body moves, the club usually follows your motion which means it would affect the final hit. How this works is that it helps you to understand your movement better as you practice. This is one device used by many professional players in the golfing circuit across the world and is good for players in every level.

The Hanger

This design looks a bit like those sports earphones but it is attached to your golf club. This device is quite cool in that it helps to fix the flaws in your swings. If you are golfer with some habits that might tamper with your swing, then install The Hanger into your practice. This training aid is perfect for amateurs or beginners that can curb your bad habits before it becomes a permanent one. The design is patented where you will get visual and tactile feedback when you swing.

SuperSpeed Golf

It is not by accident that some of the world’s top golfers like Charles Howell III and Phil Mickelson use SuperSpeed Golf. They have 3 rods designed to help increase the clubhead speed and is currently the most popular name in this segment.

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