Guide to a game of golf in traditional Kelantan


The state of Kelantan is known to be one of the cultural states of Malaysia. Located towards the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is home to the eastern gateway between Malaysia and Thailand. Kelantan is  a popular state that it hosts a wide variety of tourist attractions and historical sites, while it is also known for its traditional villages and serene landscapes of the beaches and forests that neighbors Terengganu.

Rustic and contemporary golfing destination

Visiting Kelantan can be a very rewarding experience where you will be able to enjoy a taste of the village lifestyle as well as indulge in the rich culture and traditions of the state. Here is where you will be welcomed with the sounds of the Wau and immerse in the unique Batik design of the locals. Apart from that, it is also very much known for its Malay cuisine which can sometimes be spicy due to the influence of the Thai neighbors.

Golfing at the state’s capital

If you are looking to enjoy a game of golf in Kelantan you will be very much encouraged to find some of the most beautiful greens around the country. Rich vegetation and excellent greens provide one of the best places to enjoy your game in the state as you indulge with the beautiful backdrop.

Kelantan Golf and Country Club

The most prominent golf club here is the Kelantan Golf and Country Club. It is located in Kota Bahru, the state’s capital where you will find the largest golf complex around the country. Play your game amidst the flying airplanes above you and the bermuda grass on the fairways as it is located very close to the airport where you will find some very challenging holes built around ponds, traps and exciting bunkers. Here, you will find basic facilities such as changing rooms and the clubhouse that will attend to your needs. There is a driving range and practice areas as well.

Desa Pahlawan Golf Club

The Desa Pahlawan Golf Club is a 9 hole, Brigadier General Johan Hew and Colonel Wahid Annuar designed course. The stretch is also located in Kota Bahru and offers a 9 hole green in its 3,382-meter land size. Meanwhile, the Royal Darul Naim Golf Club is one of the most prestigious Golf Courses around here. The green stretch is a 9 hole course that offers one of the most beautifully landscaped courses around this part of the country, offering you one of the most ideal places to play.

Driving Ranges in Kelantan

Manager : Mr. Rosnun Ibrahim
Address : Jalan Persiaran Raya, Bandar Baru, 18300 Gua Musang, Kelantan
Contact No. : 09-9120 010
Fax No. :
Email : [email protected]


Person In Charge : Kapt Mohd Safwan
Address : D/A Wisma Perwira, Markas Staf Stesen, Kem Desa Pahlawan, 16500 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Contact No. : 09-7878 200
09-7818 000 Ext. 8203
Fax No. : 09-7870 059
Email : [email protected]


Club Manager : Major Buang Haji Ramli
Address : 5488, Jalan Hospital, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Contact No. : 09-7747 474
09-7482 102
Fax No. : 09-7472 918
Email : [email protected]

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