Golf Membership in Malaysia


There are a few options when it comes to playing golf. You can either walk into a public golf course, pay the entrance fee and start playing straight away or you can be a member of a club. But if you are going to play in a public course, chances are you might have to be with the maddening crowd.

Exclusive membership

Renowned golf course are usually designed to be exclusive and unique. This means that they have a limit as to how many members they can accommodate. How do the golfers acquire these memberships? Some are given to them via their corporate relations while others come with certain packages like a property purchase and such.

Who needs to be members?

Not everyone who has a golf membership in the golf course needs one. This is most common among those who are ‘given’ or offered membership. As such, not everyone who is a member plays golf. That is where you will observe situations where they will sell the membership as it is quite redundant to them. In some cases, there are members who might be moving to another place either migrating to another state or overseas. That is when they will no longer be using the membership. Since they paid quite a big amount (or offered as part of exclusivity) when they first became members, they would sell it before moving. After all, the club only has a limited number of members at any time.

Buying a golf membership

In Malaysia, buying a golf membership is not unusual. You can expect this exercise to be very normal as long as you are willing to pay the asking price. One thing for sure, the buying price will be lower than its original, usually about 30-40% lower. For comparison purposes, a membership with the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country club would put you off about RM10,000 to RM15,000 with an annual rental payment of RM1,200.

Meanwhile, do take note that when you buy a golf membership, you must ensure that you are getting all the benefits of what you are paying for. The more reputable the golf course, the more expensive it would be. For instance, you could expect to pay up to RM40,000 to buy the membership from Tropicana Golf and Country Resort while it would be about RM12,000 to RM15,000 to be a member of Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club. Cheaper membership can be found with Kelab Darul Ehsan which goes at about RM7,000 to RM8,000. One of the higher memberships you might encounter is the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club which is for sale at about RM60,000.

Kelab Golf Negara Subang


Considerations when playing golf in Malaysia

One of the major reasons to play golf here is that Malaysia has very good weather throughout the year. The standard of living is not too high which means expense can be quite affordable. Apart from that, golfers can enjoy the game throughout the entire year. Below are some of the top golf clubs for membership in Malaysia.

AGN – Asia Golfing Network

One of the convenient ways to enjoy your game of golf is to be a member of AGN or Asia Golfing Network. Offering you with a wide range of golfing facilities and services through its network of golf courses across the regions, members get to enjoy discounts, special promotions and many other privileges. Among them include:

  • A choice of either the AGN Classic or Prestige Card
  • Play golf across several countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and others
  • Discounted or free green fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Discounts on golf merchandise
  • and many more

Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam

KPGA has long been one of the top golf courses in Malaysia. It is located in the area bordering between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya which makes this one of the most convenient places to enjoy your game. Any avid golfer would know about KPGA where its 3×9 holes course has already built a strong reputation having brought some of the most distinguished golfers around the world here.

  • Membership for government officers above Grade 27: Joining fee is RM7,500++ with monthly RM92.22 subscription fees
  • For Private membership, the fees are RM7,600 for term members of 2 years and annual extension of RM2,650 per year with a monthly RM118.72 monthly fees

Tropicana Golf and Country Resort

Tropicana Golf and Country Resort is perhaps one of the most popular golf courses around the Klang Valley. It is after all the host of some international events that have taken place in the country for many years now. Located not far from the city center, Tropicana Golf and Country Resort provides a lot of world-class facilities to both the golfer and family members. There are a few types of membership packages available which include:

  • Single Adult Membership: RM84,800 with monthly fees of RM163.90
  • Regular Membership: RM212,000 with monthly fees of RM241.12
  • Term Membership: RM20,988 (for 1 year)
  • Corporate Membership: RM212,000 for 1 nominee, RM402, 800 for 2 and RM583,000 for 3

Palm Resort Golf and Country Club

Located along the southern part of Johor, the Palm Resort Golf and Country Club is quite an exciting place to enjoy your game especially if you can get away from the major cities and its business. This place provides you with a peaceful and lush greenery backdrop to enjoy a game away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and traffic. Membership to this club is as follow:

  • Individual Membership: RM12,800 to join and RM183.96 per month
  • Social Membership: RM8,800 and RM91.96 per month
  • 2-years membership (non-transferable): RM7,800
  • 1-year membership: RM4,988
  • Social Membership (Transferable): RM5,900 and RM61.33 monthly

The Royal Selangor Golf Club

RSGC is one of the most illustrious golf clubs in Malaysia. Known to be the club played by members of the royal family, RSGC is prestigious and yet very accessible. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, RSGC is actually one of the oldest sporting institutions in Asia has been around since 1893. The membership fees to join RSGC is as follow:

  • Membership price not disclosed

Damai Golf and Country Resort

The Damai Golf and Country Resort is one of the top golf courses in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Designed by renowned golfer and designer Arnold Palmer, this is the first club in Malaysia to get such a world-class treatment. The foothills of Mount Santubong outline the backdrop, making Damai Golf and Country Resort the perfect setting to enjoy a game of golf. Membership fees are as below:

  • Civil Servant – RM 1,310.16 per year
  • Government Pensioner and Senior Term Membership: RM 1055.76 per year
  • Private individual membership for Malaysians: RM 2,715.55 per year
  • Private Individual for Non-Malaysians: RM 3,902.16 per year
  • Weekday Package: RM 212.00 per month

Sungai Long Golf and Country Club

Located towards the southern border of Kuala Lumpur is the Sungai Long Golf and Country Club. What you get here really is a world-class golf course located not far from the city center but far enough to escape the jams and congestion. Offering a full range of resort facilities for its members, golfers can enjoy their game without much interruption at this award-winning golf course. The club offers term membership for corporate and individuals as below:

  • 1 year – RM6,000 and RM150.94 monthly
  • 2 years – RM10,000 and RM150.94 monthly
  • 3 years – RM13,500 and RM150.94 monthly

Ponderosa Golf and Country Club

This is one club which brings a lot of good memories to those who have played here previously. The original course was designed by Max Wexler and then it was given a makeover by another world-class designer Ronald Fream. Its 7th, 9th, and 16th holes are signature holes here, bringing with them their own respective challenges and such. The membership fees for golfers here are as follow:

  • Individual: RM2,750
  • Family: RM3,750
  • Leisure (3 months) Season Pass: RM400
  • Annual Pass weekdays only: RM1,800

Ayer Keroh Country Club

The Ayer Keroh Country Club is the first such club to open in Melaka. It provides a wide range of facilities for its members like the swimming pool, tennis and squash courts as well as a 27-hole golf course. What makes AKCC such an interesting place to play the game of golf is that you can now enjoy the strokes without having to travel too far out of Melaka city while families can come and enjoy the sights of the historical city while golfer enjoys the game. Membership is currently set at RM5,000 for a lifetime and RM115 per month.

Seremban International Golf Club

Located in the serene town of Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, the Seremban International Golf Club has been around for more than 50 years now. Offering a world-class 18-hole golf course, SIGC gives golfers an excellent place to enjoy the game on its unspoiled and untouched greens that has been well-maintained over the years. To become a member of this club, the fees are as follow:

  • Private Sector Membership: RM4,000 (Malaysians only)
  • Government Servant Membership: RM2,890

Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club

Located in Tuaran in Sabah, the Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club boast an 18-hole golf course that offers a broad range of facilities for golfers and non-golfers alike. This championships golf course is designed to give the golfer a place to enjoy the game far from the maddening crowd along the East Malaysian region. Membership rates are as below:

  • Individuals – RM3,225 and renewal of RM2,590
  • Family membership – RM4,375 and RM3,600 for renewal with 1 Nominee, 1 spouse and 2 children below 21
  • Joint membership – RM3,600 and renewal of RM3,600
  • Junior membership – RM1,125 and renewal of RM950 for Sabahans below 18 years old

Monterez Golf and Country Club

What makes the Monterez Golf & Country Club so special is that it brings with it the Maya civilization motif in terms of its outlook and architecture. Offering a unique lifestyle and culture resort, this is one place that combines tradition and modern living. Located in Shah Alam, the golf and country club is a great place for those looking to enjoy a game of golf or to get away from the city. Membership rates here are:

  • Individual Membership: RM10,000 (non-golfing) and RM32,000 (golfing)
  • Corporate Membership: RM60,000 (2 nominees) and RM80,000 (3 nominees)

Royal Perak Golf Club

Formerly known as the Ipoh Golf Club, this is one of the few internationally-acclaimed golf clubs towards the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. The Royal Perak Golf Club has been around since 1932 and now offers a 9-hole golf course initially before being converted into a more competitive, 18-hole one. To be a member of this club, the rates are as follow:

  • Individual Golf – (Transferable) RM35,000 and monthly fees of RM90.10. (Non-Transferable) RM18,000 and RM90.10 monthly fees
  • Individual Social – (Transferable) RM20,000 and RM53.00 monthly fees. (Non-Transferable) RM15,000 and RM53.00 monthly fees
  • Corporate Membership – RM40,000 and RM90.10 monthly fees

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