Follow these steps to get your perfect golf stance


Have you ever wonder why professional golfers look so fluid when they swing? Have you been trying to get that posture that gives you the satisfaction after you tee-off but cannot seem to get it right?

Its all in the steps

The amazing swings you see are really down to the secret of the steps involved before they hit the ball. Regardless of your skill level, once you get the setup right, you will be on course in getting a better swing in your game. This is a series of steps that are easy to learn and pick up where once you get it right, you will feel some vast improvements in your game almost immediately. To get the perfect stance, you need to do the following.

Commit and never slack

Your stance is the first thing you do to get your swings in motion. This is one area that you cannot neglect. One thing for sure, golf is no different from other types of sport and that is the setup you need to approach with. This means that you have to take it very seriously especially when it comes to your posture. Look at images of golfers who are ready to drive and you will know what this means.

  • Set up the ball
  • Bend your knees slightly so that your upper body can tilt forward
  • This will put you in an ideal position for a power shot

Apply the posture drill

The best method to do this is to use the simple 3-step posture drill.

  1. First, stand with a posture where your feet are as wide apart as your shoulders. Make sure that you are standing upright with your arms and golf club extended. Your knees should not be bent yet and your arms are straight. Then, slowly bend your knees and let your arms descend until they are at your chest level.
  2. Now, the golf club would be aligned with the ground with a few inches bent on the knees. This is like the moment when you are about to sit onto a tall bar stool and you will need to bend your knees just a little bit more (like the moment before you touch the stool).
  3. Slowly bend forward and you want the clubhead to touch the ground.

If this is done properly, your hand should now be right below your chin while your back is now tilted to the front. This should give you the power in your swing.


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