Avoid These Putting Mistakes so you won’t be left red-faced before the hole!


You have had a great game and a good lead and it is time to take the game home. Now, you only need to putt and put the golf where it belonged, the hole. This is the essential part of the game where you need to score and even if you are not putting the ball into the hole, it should be within tap-in range. But so many still failed.

Common mistakes made

A lot of golfers make mistakes and they are not aware that they are making one. What you want is to NOT have a putt coming up short because that would be both frustrating and embarrassing. Golfers spend years fine-tuning their shots, using the best putters and swings but not many try to overcome the known problems made during putting.

  • Stance and posture – This is surely a no-brainer. Even if it is a tap-in, you must look at how you intend to hit the ball. Ensure you have all your pre-shot routines in place and maintain consistency so that you do not disrupt the rhythm of your play.
  • The underlying play here is that the ball should always accelerate and not the other way. One of the biggest reasons why putts come up short is because you slowed down. You must ensure that the putter head is always accelerating during play.
  • Alignment is crucial – When you putt with an open face, you would most likely miss it to the right. Always align and with the leading edge of the putter to go with the target line.
  • Examining the wrong places. The common practice is to read the players surrounding the hole which are bound to influence the ball roll. But a lot of golfers stop there. You should look at other factors like where the ball lies and the surrounding areas too.

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