Best trick to stop the ball from topping and dampens your whole game


One of the biggest problems golfers make is when they top the golf ball. In most cases, it is not intentional but there are times when it just ‘happens’.

Keeping your eye on the ball!

You would have heard of this many times where they tell you to keep your eye on the ball or to keep your heads down when hitting the ball. You should be aware by now that it is easier said than done. By looking at the ball does not guarantee that you will hit the ball where you want to. There are bound to be times when you would top the ball and it is very frustrating when that happens. So, how do you avoid topping the golf ball?

Practice makes perfect

Like overcoming any other problems in golf, you need to practice, practice and practice. But practice hitting the ball might not get you to where you want. Topping the ball or hitting a slice will continue to be a problem if you do not get to the root of the problem. Because of the way you are standing, you will always be looking at the top of the ball and that is why you could potentially top it. So use the following trick.

  • Place abut 7 to 10 golf tees about 2 to 3 inches before the ball.
  • Now, place the clubhead just behind the golf tees. Unlike your usual practice, you are now going to start hitting slightly further away from the ball.
  • When you are about to hit the ball, swing the clubhead and then as you move the club towards the ball, brush the club against the patch of grass which means you will then sweep the group of golf tees there. This will ensure that you maintain the distance from the club and the ground and the golf tees with the ball which will certainly not hit the top of the ball!

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