Hitting a draw with a driver


Golfers always aim to use the driver to hit a draw shot where you want the ball to curve from the right to the left (if you are a right-hander). This is what you do if you want more distance to your drives and at times it is the better shot instead of the tee.

Getting it right from the start

This is a decision you make before you tee-off and is a common thought during the pre-shot routine. When you get a draw shot, it gives you a more controlled ball where you have a higher chance of hitting the fairway, particularly in situations when you come across right-to-left dogleg situations. In your setup, you must start with getting onto a strong grip. You want to form a ‘V’ shape with your index finger and thumb of each hand. Then, turn the Vs to the right slightly and that would give you a firm grip which will ease in curving the ball. Then, you need to adjust the gentle draw by turning your hands to suit the play.

Be ready to send the ball off

Once you have the grip done up, then it is time to get on to the other considerations.

  • Footing – First, you need to align your feet and shoulders where they are facing the right of the target you intend to hit with a closed clubface position. Once you hit the ball, it should go towards the right before turning to the left and then getting onto the target as intended. In some cases, you might drop your right shoulder during the address which will then cause an upward angle.
  • At the address, visualize a line where your feet and shoulders are pointing to and let the club move inside this line during the takeaway. This will give the flight a right-to-left movement but ensure that you take the club low back instead of picking it up. You want to have a swing that is rounded here.
  • Use the forearm roll if you need to. This is done where you let the left forearm rotate as you are near the contact point. When the rotation closes the clubface, it will inadvertently create the right-to-left effect.
  • Use a correct club position which can be done with a mental image. Visualize the toe moving ahead of the heel of the club onto the contact area and then as you get to the follow-through, you move further ahead.

One thing to note here is to have your hands release through the ball and not to grip the club too tightly. Otherwise, the ball might start going towards the right (instead of left) when you hit it and continues on heading right-direction after the hit.

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