Why you must fold your knees in golf


Knee action is vital when you play golf. For a right-handed player, folding your knees when you hit the ball makes a huge difference in your swing. When you fold your knees, you maintain them in a flexed position. That gives you more leverage in your swing.

Getting the knees folding right

First, you need to flex both your knees in the address position. You need to get a comfortable level in the flex and that can be achieved when you are setting the ball. When you are able to flex your knees, you can get a better body turn. Then, keep the bend in your right knee during the backswing. Ensure that you maintain this through the downswing as well.

This helps by creating resistance in your hips and your legs. As a result, your backswing won’t go uncontrollably wrong. Furthermore, if your right knee is flexed to the midpoint of your downswing, your right heel is on the ground longer. Hence, you get a wider downswing arc, thereby more power.

Fold your knees during the downswing to get more power when you tee off. You can do this by slightly flexing your right knee before increasing it when you are making a downswing.

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Muhd Ikhmal Basri

Muhd Ikhmal Basri previously represented the UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia) Golf Academy (AGNUUM) and won the New Era Hainan Junior Golf Tour