Why Should You Care about Smash Factor?


Smash factor, as the name implies will have you thinking about hitting the ball in a certain impact that you desire. In the smash factor, what you want in your hit is not just distance but to get more from your swing so that you get a certain hit.

How does it work?

The smash factor is easy to calculate. It takes into account 2 very important values. The first is your ball speed and the second is the clubhead speed. The former is the speed that the ball travels after leaving the clubface. As for clubhead speed, it refers to the notion that the club was moving toward the point of impact. The speed of the ball will increase as a result of the increase in the clubhead speed. In the smash factor, you want to measure the efficiency of the transfer of energy from the club head onto the ball.

When you improve your smash factor, you would inadvertently get your long drives. You actually get this without needing to increase your speed swing.

Calculating your smash factor

The formula here is ball speed divided by clubhead speed. The equation is simple. if you swing your driver at 100 mph and the clubhead speed is 130 mph. Hence, it will be:

130/100 = 1.30 smash factor.

Now, the ideal smash factor is 1.50 which means you are quite below that level. To do this, you will first need to get your swings analyzed and tested with a launch monitor. Then, if you find that your smash factor is below 1.50, then you need to do something about it. In most cases, it means that you have to find out where the problem is and rectify them. Among the areas that could be possible include:

  • Impact on the clubface. You will have to examine if you have struck the sweet spot on the ball. If you have done so, you should have a good smash factor.
  • The angle of attack. Make sure that it is not too steep or narrow as you want to have a good energy transfer.
  • Equipment. It could well be a problem with your equipment and if that is the case, you would probably need a customized driver that suits your style of play.
  • Balance and stance. Take note of your pre-shot routine and ensure that you have a good balance leading up to your shot. A good strike will come if you have a good balance in your stance.


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