Supination and Pronation in golf swing


What is supination and pronation in golf, and how does it affect your game? Pronation is where the back of your left palm and forearm faces the skies when you reach the height of your backswing. Meanwhile, supination is the movement where you go into a rotation at the start of your downswing heading in the opposite direction when you are about to hit the ball. Here, your left wrist will experience some slight bowing while your forearm will be facing the target.

Getting to the bottom of the movements

When it comes to your lower body, you will have movements that are inward and outward on the feet areas. As you start turning your foot outward, your ankle joint will naturally move inward. This is the same when your ankle rolls outward. Pronation is when your forearm gets into an inward position while supination is when you are entering into an outward position.

Rotating your forearm is very vital here because you want to get power and accuracy in your swing. The forearms will rotate in opposite directions when you have a backswing. Hence, the energy that has been generated by the bigger muscles will be transferred to the club. During practice, you must be able to rotate in both directions in a flexible manner so that you get enough strength in your tendons. There will always be that time in your game where you have to decide to supinate or not as it would affect the outcome of your shots tremendously.

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