Your left wrist is vital in your swings


Keep your hands straight! You always hear that. The position of your hands at the point of impact is crucial in your golf swing. Your left wrist in particular, and this is referring to right-handed golfers is important so that you get more from the game.

Getting more in your swing

Your left wrist plays a role (and vice versa) if you are a right-handed golfer. Knowing what your left wrist does when you are making a swing will go a long way. It definitely helps you to get shots that are straighter and as a result, gives you more distance. It makes no sense to just keep it straight but you must know how to utilize your left wrist more in situations like these.

Go through the checklist for the best swing

To know what you can and should do with your left wrist, check out the list below and see how you fare:

  • First, the grip – Your left hand must have a good grip and that is the best place to start. It is understood that every player has their own unique grips. This comes through how well you adjust your strength in relation to whether your grip is strong or weak. With the ‘V’, your index finger and thumbs of your hands would ideally be pointing towards your right shoulder and your chin. Ensure that you have a relaxed grip here so that your left wrist can reach the straight position when required.
  • Then, the wrist movement – When you are going to swing, have your left wrist-roll over so that you can move the takeaway to the contact. This will move you on to the follow-through where you must ensure that your wrist doesn’t roll-over too hard or it will create a hook. However, if your left wrist is not rolling enough, it would go towards the right. So it is crucial to get the right pressure on the roll here.
  • Practice the left wrist rolls – Start the backswing but stop once you reach the height of your waist. Then, on the downswing, roll the wrists when you hit the ball and then once you reach the height of your waist, stop there.
  • Now, the swish drill – Your left wrist should ideally be facing the target at the point of impact. To make sure this is correct, you need to ensure that your left wrist’s position is with the logo imprinted on the glove during contact. A short iron or wedge would be good to practice this. Take a swing with only your left hand and you would hear a swish. However, take note of the direction of the back of your wrist is facing during contact. You are doing it right if the back is facing the target’s direction.

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