Types of Golf Courses

Types of Golf Courses

To understand the various types of Golf Courses, you will need to see them in terms of who can play at which course, the size and the design of the courses involved. It must be noted that no matter how much experience you have, not all Golf Courses can be played by anyone. There are some with restricted access while others that are more private with certain ones being publicly available.

Major types of Golf Courses

Public – This is the type of golf course which can be played by anyone. Public Golf Courses can be played by anyone who can play golf. These courses are generally available for daily use while there are some which offer annual membership as well.

Semi-Private – This type of course are those that sell memberships who get special privileges and discounted green fees. They are allowed to bring guests who have to pay full-fees for playing there.

Resort – Resort Golf Courses are those that are offered as part of a resort or hotel. Most resort Golf Courses come with cafes, swimming pools and club houses which are part of a recreational and luxurious offering for its members. Members of the club are allowed to bring guests who come here for daily tees.

Private – Private Golf Courses are exclusive ones which can be very costly. Golfers will need to pay a premium to join the club which comes with special privileges. Golfers here enjoy the exclusivity.

The holes in Golf Courses

18-hole courses – Perhaps the most popular type of golf course, the 18-hole course is the most standard and full-size course. It is usually made up of par-4-holes and usually comes with par-3 and par-5 holes as well. In most cases, when someone says ‘golf course’ they usually refer to an 18-hole course.

9-hole course – This is the type of course which is smaller and not so popular although it is common in resorts.

Executive – This is the type of course which is smaller in size but uses the same concept as an 18 or 9-hole course. The concept behind an Executive course is to allow the golfer to finish their rounds quicker without having to go through the same duration of the ‘competition’ size courses.

Approach – This is a very short course which is designed for the seasoned players to practice certain skills like chipping and pitching. In most cases, it is used by beginners as well where the whole idea is to offer the platform to try out a real course without having to go through the full-length of one.

Meanwhile, there are 3 types of courses that are determined by their setting and design which are catered for specific reasons.

Links – This is the type which does not have a lot of trees, sometimes none even. It is built on a sandy coastline with fast fairways which is ideal for recreation golfing.

Parkland – comes with fast greens and a lot of trees. This type of courses is most popularly used in competitions.

Desert – As the name implies, this type of course is built in the deserts and very popular in the middle east countries.

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Vote for the best Golf Course in Malaysia
Vote for the best Golf Course in Malaysia