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Come Saturday this 25th April, Malaysian fans will be enjoying a whole new innovative show by Thirst. Set to be held at the MIECC at Mines Resort City, Thirst, We Are All Stardust will be giving the venue a whole new makeover and dimension. There will be internationally recognized light shows, acrobatic performances and pyrotechnics that will change it into a cosmic showcase. Also there to add in the festive mood are music by Dash Berlin, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, BATE, XU and Hulkas.

An exclusive preview of the exciting show was held at KL Live on 10 March. Hulkas was on set to get the crowd going at the venue which was blacked-out. That was just the warm-up before Thirst:

We Are All Stardust was launched.

The dancers on stage were dressed for the occasion, all of whom donned cosmically costumes choreographed to perfection with some spectacular laser light shows and visuals. It was at this juncture that the crowd was given a sneak peak to what they can expect come April 25.

This is the very mantra that Heineken has been associated with in recent years. Moving the international dance music festival scene, the Global Sensation parties have provided not only parties that everyone wants to be part of, but also life-changing experiences that transcended beyond normalcy. Such events have transformed and changed how audiences engaged with music and reaching beyond the core audience’s expectations.

Heineken strongly believes that spearheading the musical experiences will play a crucial role in pioneering the first home-grown high concept dance music event in Malaysia.

The Thirst: We Are All Stardust is the first time an event of this stature has been catered to the Malaysian crowd.

There will be a team of experiential experts who come from different countries and backgrounds that will be giving the MIECC a whole new outlook that promises to be out-of-this-world. Top and renowned music artistes like R3hab, Goldfish & Blink and Dash Berlin have already been confirmed to line-up the event that will bring some of the most remarkable and stunning lasers, Special FX and textured video screens to life.

The team behind the Thirst event is Future Sound Asia who is working with Callen Tham, fondly known in the scene as themancalleduncle who will have his signature work all over it. This show draws its inspiration from the Big Bang (which created the universe) and will follow through on the concept of who particles will come together as they naturally attract each other. Future Sound Asia, following the success of Godskitchen Boombox in 2010 is set to give Thirst a whole new look and feel. It was then that the Malaysian audience was treated to a revolutionary high concept show and Future Sound Asia is pulling out all the stops for this one.

The Thirst: We Are All Stardust is set to examine the idea of integrated togetherness and uniformed unity when everyone is moving along to a specific rhythm. It will be the avenue that brings to life our galactic’s past, present and future. Like any other universe of the Heineken Thirst, this will bring out experiences like no other, memorable moments shared and sounds that one will always treasure.

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