TraXX FM is one of the most established radio stations in Malaysia. It’s slogan is ‘Travel N Music’ where it was formerly the very popular Radio 4. The station is hosted and operated by RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia), the national media company where it can be received nationwide. In Pahang and Selangor, which covers Kuala Lumpur, the frequency for TraXX FM is at 100.1 MHz which was best associated with Radio 4 previously whiles those in Kuala Lumpur tunes into TraXX FAM at 90.3 MHz.

TraXX FM’s main medium is English language where it is closely linked with RTM’s other channels like Muzik FM, Asyik FM and Minnal FM, among others. Its history actually dates back to 1950 when it was first launched as Blue Network. Then, the station could be heard as far as Singapore, Brunei and Thailand which has since been reduced to cover only Malaysia today.

RTM operated its series of radio stations like Radio 4, Radio 5 and such before the rebranding exercise saw this station changed to TraXX FM in 2005. Up until the 1990s, Radio 4 was the only English radio station available in the country before the influx of format-radio stations entered the market. The name was derived from TRACK and XX which was referred to from Xperience and Xcitement where it has now grown to become a tourism radio station which can be heard around the country. Its current airing hours start from 6.00am to 12.00pm at night with hourly news being broadcasted hourly.

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