Mix FM


Mix FM is one of the most listened English Language radio stations in Malaysia. Owned and operated by AMP Radio Networks under the Astro Radio group, Mix FM has grown from offering a mix of contemporary hits for the middle-aged group to the 25 to 34 years old market segment today.

Today, Mix FM has one of the highest listener numbers where it plays adult contemporary hits from the 90s to the present. In fact, recent studies showed that Mix FM is heard by more than 300,000 listeners weekly with the Breakfast Show topping most of the programmes.

Mix FM was launched by Astro together with its sister channels Hitz.fm and Lite FM at a time when English Language radio stations were very limited. This was in the late 1990s when there was actually only 1 English station (Radio 4).

The station will enter the market through the influx of format radio stations where Mix FM was to offer a mixture of current, contemporary and songs of the 80s which appealed very much to those in the 30s when it started in 1997 while Hitz.fm was more focused in pop and latest hits, appealing mainly to the younger crowd.

In Klang Valley, Mix FM is tuned in through 94.5 MHz and with the market segment moving towards the younger crowd today, Mix FM has since changed its focus in music with a stronger emphasis on songs of the 90s and current hits which are appealing more to its target market.


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