Game Rules

A guide to the rules of golf


Golfing has a very unique game play when compared with other types of sport. Where most sports require the player to compete against another, a golfer needs to contest against him and the surrounding environment which could have a lot of challenges and obstacles. In fact, it is a game which can be played alone which makes golf such a fulfilling game.

Playing the game can be very easy as the golfer only need to battle against the environment and be there physically without having to make plans or arrangements with others although recreational golf might be better with a companion or two.

The Golf Course In most golf course, the standard ones come with 18 holes. This is among the most popular layouts as seen around Malaysia’s top Golf Courses. The place where you take your first shot is called the teeing area or sometimes simply known as the Tee. The ball is placed on a ‘Tee’ which is commonly made of wood or plastic. The Tee area is a flat surface which should get you started and where your swing should bring the ball closer to the hole intended. Most Golf Courses, including those in Malaysia are slightly more than 6,000 yards long.

Flagsticks There are flagsticks that indicate the location of the hole. In most cases, the first nine holes have yellow flags while on the second nine holes, red-colored flagsticks are used.

The Score The underlying principle of golf is to complete a hole with a least strokes used. As such, scoring is done through how many shots you took and if you incurred any penalties along the way. Simply put, if you used about 70 shots to complete a course (of 18 holes) and your friend took only 65 shots, then he wins that round.

Basic scoring terms – The most common terms that you will come across includes birdie, eagle, bogey and such, all of which are used to refer to how many shots you took to complete a hole.

Par – This term is by far one of the most important terms used in golf. Each hole in the course has a par standard. For example, a par-5 hole gives you a maximum of 5 shots to complete. If you complete the hole within 3 shots, you would have scored a birdie while if you took 6 shots, then you would have scored a bogey.

Handicap – This is the rule where you get extra shots which mean you have an advantage over others. Certain golfers have specific handicaps which will give them a better headstart than others.

Common rules -Golf is a game which do not necessarily need an umpire or referee because you do the calculation yourselves and among each other. The ball should not be moved at any time unless under certain extreme circumstances.