Golf Equipments


malaysia golf driver

The term Driver is perhaps one of the most popular words used in the game of golf. It is one of the standard clubs that most golfers will carry with them in their bags for a game any day. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner in this game, the Driver will be your first acquaintance. This is because you will most likely be told to buy the Driver first before anything else. Golfers who go to the driving range will use the Driver to drive the ball as much as they can so that they get the best swing for teeing off.
This is because among all the standard clubs that you have in your bag, the Driver is the one which will give the ball the furthest distance. Drivers have the largest clubhead among all irons. This is because it has to be able to fully contact the ball at the point of impact to give it the momentum to elevate and travel far.

Apart from that, Drivers are usually the one with the longest shaft as well although there are some putters which are designed with longer shafts than the Driver. It is commonly known as the 1-wood where golfers would use it for the tee-shots when they are playing holes that are of par-4 or par-5. As such, the Driver is most likely be the least used in the bag mainly because it is used for teeing off, which means you use it only once for every hole.