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What does 18-hole means?


If you haven’t already know by now, Golf Courses are commonly depicted in terms of holes. In fact, a golf course’s prestige and standard is often defined by how many holes it has and that is the situation with Malaysian Golf Courses as seen in the very luxurious TPCKL or Tournament Player Club Kuala Lumpur and many others.

In today’s golfing sector, most golf clubs come with 18-hole layouts. This is very much the standard these days because it is the standard scoring method used by most top tournaments. Prior to this, there were no standard layouts where they used to be 12 or even 23 hole courses.

The 18-hole layout only became a standard around the early 1900s and has been used ever since. Meanwhile, there are some Golf Courses which provide 9-hole layouts. The underlying principle on what an 18-hole course means is that it has, as the name implies, 18 holes. This is the same situation with 9-hole Golf Courses where to complete the course, the golfer will need to finish the 9 holes.

18 holes means 18 short games

What it actually means is that the golfer will need to play 18 games. Each game will be scored using a separate hole. Starting from the first hole, the golfer will try to complete the hole with the shortest shots possible. Each hole will come with a par which determines how many shots the golfer is allowed to complete the hole which will then determine the score for that specific player whether it is a birdie, bogey or an eagle.

In most cases, the holes come with par-5 as the standard while shorter courses will have a par-3 benchmark. In a typical 18-hole course, it is very common that the holes are divided equally in nines. This is usually defined as the first and second nines respectively. This is usually labelled through the flagsticks on the holes which are most likely yellow for the former and red for the latter with numbers printed on the flags. For a seasoned golfer, completing the 18 holes will take about 3 to 4 hours while the recreational golfer might take longer.