SportExcel – MALAYSIAN JUNIOR GOLF – Foundation for Malaysian Sporting Excellence


The SportExcel is a golf program that came under the purview of the Yayasan Sukan Malaysia. SportExcel is instrumental in the development of the youth in Malaysia particularly in sports like Squash, Swimming and notably Golf.

Moving forward for Malaysian sports

Established in 1989, the Yayasan Kecemerlangan Sukan Malaysia or known short as SportExcel (Foundation for Malaysian Sporting Excellence) operates as a limited company under the Companies Act 1965.

It was officially launched in 1991 through the vision of Tunku Tan Sri Imran. The idea was to promote Malaysian sports. This is an invitation-only organization that receives its funding mostly from corporations in the private sector.

Donations are received and they are eligible for tax exemption where SportExcel has started out to develop the younger generation of sports athletes. The Patron of SportExcel is the Minister of Youth and Sports where the ministry is constantly involved in many of SportExcel’s initiatives.

Starting them young

With a noble objective, SportExcel ensures that junior athletes are provided with the facilities and assistance that can help them grow and develop in their sport.

The support for SportExcel comes through the NSC or National Sports Council of Malaysia and is endorsed by the OCM or Olympic Council of Malaysia. With the NSC, the Malaysian Junior Circuit for 12 sports are supported namely swimming, gymnastics, tennis, sepaktakraw, cycling, cricket, squash, shooting, bowling and golf.

Developing the young athletes

Junior athletes are given the opportunities to improve in their game in terms of skills and technique while several events are held throughout the year for them to participate and compete in.

SportExcel provides the platform for athletes to compete for both locally and abroad while creating a junior sports development program that is sustainable and prepares them for the future.

Besides that, SportExcel also provides financial assistance to junior athletes who need them as well as to the National Sports Associations to run the Junior circuits.

Athletes will be accorded with a wide range of support services including soft skills, training exposure, sports psychology and many more.

As such, they are thought communication skills, stress management, teamwork, leadership, resilience and such.

Meanwhile, they are also trained to improve their performance through several methods including improving their rankings, winning in competitions, timing or scoring and others.

Developing golf in Malaysia

SportExcel plays an important role in the development of golf in the country, particularly among junior golfers.

The SportExcel Junior Malaysian Tour is considered to be one of the most significant and important circuits for junior golfers to participate in before moving up to senior events.

When it was first started back in 1992, it was only a local junior circuit before becoming a premier junior elite competition. This would eventually grow to become an international junior event as it is known today.

One of the most prominent competitions that were organized was the AmBank Group-SportExcel International Junior Golf Championship which was an annual event since 2006.

SportExcel would then expand its reach after signing an MOU in 2015 with the Hills Golf Academy Gold Coast Australia while there have also been other MOUs signed with other countries like Singapore, India, China, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, and Thailand, to name a few. This initiative would see deserving players receiving either partial or full scholarships.

There were 19 junior golfers who received partial or full scholarships in 2019 and they went on to continue their studies in the United States.

Over the years, there have been many junior golfers who have come through the ranks and enjoyed much success across the world. Among them include Ashley Lau, Liyana Durisic, Nur Shazan Amalia, Audrey Tan, Allycia Gan and Erwin Chang.

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