MyFutures Junior Tour the platform to bring young golfers to the global stage


The MyFutures Junior Tour or MYFJT is one of the golf initiatives in Malaysia set to grow the sport, particularly among the younger players.

It is a development programme promoted by MyFutures Initiative Sdn Bhd. The MyFutures Junior Tour is sanctioned by the Malaysian Golf Association, the main golfing body of Malaysia. Through this programme, young golfers will have a platform to compete and build their careers in golf for the future.

A noble idea and programme for Malaysian golfers

With MyFutures Junior Tour, a structured long-term strategy is now in place to elevate and improve the standard of the next generation of Malaysian golfers. During the launch, the chairman of the board said that MYFutures Junior Tour’s core mission is to develop future champions in this sport.

It is designed through efforts to find new talents, increase the number of players and ultimately improve the quality of their games so that they can compete better in the future.

Besides MyFutures Initiative, the co-founders of this initiative include The Clubhouse, international golf brand Titleist and the Templer Park Country Club, one of the most prestigious golf courses in Malaysia.

Setting the stage for the future

MYFJT will be a platform that will enhance the pool of talents in the sport and it is aimed to set Malaysian golfers better than those in the region like Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, among others.

Hence, the objective is to attract as many participants as possible in order to select the best and from there, young golfers would be exposed and learn about playing in tournaments.

While improving their golfing techniques, soft skills are important as well where the participants of the tour can learn about the code of conduct as well as the mannerisms during tournaments.

This can be done only through collaboration with sponsors, enthusiasts and individuals who are passionate about supporting the development of the sport.

During the first edition of the MyFutures Junior Tour 2016, 7 preliminary legs were planned and targeted for boys and girls from 11 to 18 years old. The top 80 players will then play at the final Tournament of Champions over a 54-hole event of 3 rounds.

Since then, several editions have since taken place which saw some remarkable achievements by many young Malaysian golfers. In 2018, one of the most exciting young Malaysian golfers, Grace Chin won the Tournament of Champions that year while other years saw participation from known players such as Rizq Adam bin Rohizam and Ashley Chin.

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