Best Driver 2021 – Callaway Epic Flash Driver


Over the years, Callaway has been producing some of the best clubs used by top pro golfers. Every now and again, something amazing comes about and this is what they have conjured up recently with their Callaway Epic Flash Driver, touted to be one of the best drivers yet.

Exciting and revolutionary

Priced around RM2,000, the Callaway Epic Flash Driver comes with a strong promise to be ‘game-changing’. It is, after all, a Callaway and you won’t have it any other way. According to Callaway, this driver is designed to give the ball more speed and in return gets you more distance. In fact, some have claimed that when used properly, it should give you the distance you need through their own Jailbreak technology. What they did this time is that they have used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to design the clubface that is supposed to deliver more ball speed.

First impression is crucial

It is quite difficult not to be attracted to the Callaway Epic Flash driver by merely looking at it. As done previously, Callaway has put in a lot of effort to make the club looks good and you haven’t even swung it yet. At that price tag, it is as aesthetically pleasing as it comes and you feel good just carrying it around. You get to choose between the 3 different color shafts which are:

  1. Project Tensei IV Blue – This one is great for intermediate golfers. It is made to provide you with a mid-high launch and spin rate.
  2. Project X HZRDUS – The iconic green, black and yellow colorway and has the lowest in terms of launch.
  3. Project X Even Flow Green – This one gives you the highest launch and most spin. A perfect one for beginners.

What you get from this driver are:

  • Flashface Technology – This is so that the face delivers more speed than the others.
  • Adjustable weights and slider – It comes with a sliding 16gms weight so that you are able to shape shots and minimize misses. It does a great job when you hit straight and in fades and draws too.
  • Jailbreak Technology – This tech is designed to give the ball more speed.
  • T2C Triaxial Carbon – Forged at the crown, it reduces the weight significantly while lowering the CG.

What’s our verdict?

That said, should you go out and buy the Callaway Epic Flash Driver? Perhaps the one thing that might be pulling you back is the price tag. At more than RM2,000, it is pricier than many others in the market and at times, it might not be viable to buy a new driver each time a good one comes out. But if you have been hitting with your current driver and have maxed out your distance, then this would surely be the best investment in your game to get your balls farther. It does help you to improve your game a whole lot more too. And while you are at it, there is no harm flaunting it and showing it off on the greens too.

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