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Cleveland Golf


Named after its founder Roger Cleveland, Cleveland Golf started in 1979. The golf equipment company started out making replica golf clubs but has since grown to have its own, full range of products.

Based Huntington Beach, California in the United States, it is a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries company. Today, Cleveland Golf is a leader in wedges through its own revolutionary technology in manufacturing and design.

Superb clubs and irons for every golfer

When it started, the company was known as Cleveland Classics. This would then grow to become one of the top golfing brands in the sport. Back then, persimmon woods were mostly used by golfers and this was the case with Cleveland wedges including the TC15.


When Rossignol, a top ski equipment manufacturer bought the company in 1990, the company became Cleveland Golf and that was when more advanced technology and progressive design of clubs were introduced. Before that, the 588 wedge was widely popular and that has remained so until present day.

With Rossignol, Cleveland continued to grow by leaps and bounds and the VAS woods and irons were developed. After that, the Tour Action irons and QuadPro woods featuring better functionality and classical designs were launched. In fact, it was the first company to use multiple bounce options on the sole in the wedges. Besides that, the first 460cc driver called the Launcher 460 is the brainchild of Cleveland.


Like most of the other golfing brands, Cleveland Golf stands among the top ones like Titleist and TaylorMade. In 2005, Cleveland Golf was bought over by Quiksilver Inc before it was sold to Dunlop Sports Co Ltd. It was through this initiative that Cleveland became the top golf club brand in Japan and other countries in Europe and the Americas.

With more than 25 distributors and 3 international affiliates in Japan, Europe and Canada, Cleveland is used by some of the top golfers who use the equipment for their game in tournaments. The brand is sold across continents supplying a broad range of equipment and attire for both amateur and professional players.

Who uses Cleveland?

Cleveland is perceived with high regards among golf players in the international circuit. From the PGA to the LPGA tour, Cleveland equipment is used both by the golfers and organizers of the tournaments. This includes Diego Cantallano, Steven Bowditch from Australia, American Joe Durant and Shane Lowry from the Republic of Ireland, among others. Apart from that, Cleveland is used by some of the best players like David Toms, Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell.

Cleveland Equipment

Cleveland Golf makes some of the best golf attire which is worn by top players in the sport. This includes caps, tops and bottoms for both male and female. In 2016, Cleveland announced that it will no longer make irons and metal woods and will be partnering with another top golf brand Srixon to produce this line of clubs. The Cleveland CG Black series is one of the top irons around while it is still involved in the production of wedge which forms part of its flagship.