Bushnell Neo Ghost Mini GPS


It makes a lot of difference to have a rangefinder when you are playing golf and the Bushnell Neo Ghost is one that you must not go without! This wearable mini GPS device definitely gives your game a whole new dimension since its so lightweight and accurate in its own unique way.

Possibly the best Rangefinder this year

At only 42 grams, the Bushnell Neo Geo performs extremely well especially when you consider how large the screen is at first glance. In fact, the screen size is only about 3 centimeters wide but you get the information you need quite easily by just looking at it.

Unique features of the Neo Ghost

There is no need for any special plug or device. The micro USB-enabled cable is all you need to charge this little hero. A full charge gets you up to 16 hours of usage time. That’s more than 2 full rounds of a golf game which means you get more than what you are looking for. But then again, there really is nothing impossible since you can always carry a power bank with you.
The default screen shows you the time and date and the menu is easy to navigate in finding the course and then you can start by pressing the ‘Play Golf’ option. Searching time is quite quick taking about half a minute to find the course you are playing. Then again, don’t expect lightning-fast speed though. You are not in a rush anyway. For this device, it will show you up to 4 hazards at any time. That is quite adequate and it guides you through every hole.

The highlights

An option of the Neo Ghost is the shot measurement. This helps you to measure the distance of the farthest fairway from where you are. The iGolf database is the one used in the Neo Ghost. This means that it will keep more than 30,000 golf courses but it would be better to check if the course you usually play in is in this database. Another highlight of the Neo Ghost is that you get a clip which makes it extremely easy to attach to. It is not obtrusive and does not get in the way because of its size. However, unlike smartwatches or phones, you can only use the functions when it is in an upright position. But you can change the color scheme though. Other highlights include:

  • Tournament ready device
  • Gets you up to 3 golf rounds per charge (2 rounds for sure)
  • Easy to use and navigate around the options
  • Automatic hole advance and course recognition

Technical Specifications of the Neo Ghost

You should not be paying more than RM500 for this little wonder. The technical specifications are:

  • Display – 1.4 inches
  • Batteries – Lithium-Ion (included with the device)
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 1.7 cm </li.

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